September Virtual Social Day

Despite most of our members working hard on their Rusted On exhibition pieces we have had a few pieces sent in to share for our virtual social day.

Our member Janet has created a very topical piece entitled, unsurprisingly, Covid Book.

And who wouldn’t want to receive a ‘long’ birthday card?

A few more cards.

Diana writes:

Just a few pics of my recent book ‘Once Upon A Time’. I like the book form and had fun adding images from calendars and diaries of places I had lived or visited, once upon a time.

Claire writes:

I’ve been working on a board book with the theme of ‘trees’.

It was an experiment using many different techniques and materials including monoprinting, stencilling, masking, collage, stitching and lino printing. Here are a few of the pages:

Cecelia writes:

Following on from my suite of four works for the virtual exhibition, Rusted On, Soldier’s Lament continues the exploration of life on rural properties in the Coonabarabran region of NSW.

Cecelia Clarke, Soldier’s Lament, 2021, double sided concertina book, prepared paper, paint, ink, collage, rusted textiles.

Webmaster note: Rusted On exhibition update.
Many thanks to all who have submitted art pieces for our upcoming virtual exhibition, which will soon be available for viewing. Submissions are now closed.

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Book waste can be beautiful

Many thanks to our member Lee who sent us this article by Jessica Leigh Hester at Atlas Obscura.

For centuries, pieces of printed material have turned up in all sorts of surprising places. New books were routinely bound with fragments taken from older ones, or with bits of manuscripts, sheet music, and assorted print-shop castoffs.

This scrap material, known as book waste, was up for grabs for all sorts of reasons, from the mundane to the doctrinal. Repurposing it was a reasonable way to dispose of and reuse, say, old contracts.

On a larger scale, it also made use of the material in monastic libraries that, after the Reformation, no longer had so many devoted readers.

This beautiful little purse, with an exterior of emerald silk embroidered with colourful blooms and metallic ‘vases’ holds a secret within its layers. Within the bag, where the lining has disappeared, can be found stitched parchment. Cut and shaped into the skeleton of the piece this paper was used as the basis to build the bag around.

The full article states that the bag was likely made in Italy in the 17th century but the text appears to be much older, possibly 14th or 15th century.

Click here to read the full article and see more images of this lovely piece, and learn more about how paper and parchment has been repurposed over the centuries.


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How to make paper rope

Tanya McGuire has a huge following on youtube and produces quality videos guiding viewers step-by-step through a multitude of paper-related projects and techniques. Her videos go from 6 minute small bites of information to full mini workshops running up to almost 4 hours.

It’s well worth checking out her channel on youtube to see if there’s something that piques your interest. Today we present her video showing how she creates paper rope for you to enjoy and try out for yourself.


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PPA Upcoming Online Exhibition

We would like to invite members of

Primrose Paper Arts Inc.
Papermakers of Victoria
Papermakers & Artists Queensland

to participate in our upcoming online exhibition entitled Rusted On

Due to the current covid restrictions we are unable to mount our exhibition as planned in the mezzanine gallery space at Primrose Park so have decided to showcase works online instead. With this in mind, and having no physical space restrictions, we invite our papermaking friends in Victoria and Queensland to join us and to submit work within the theme set.

Exhibition guidelines:

Timeline: submissions must be received no later than 20th September 2021

Images of work: We can accept up to 5 jpgs per item, around 250kb each. We can’t guarantee all will be published but this gives scope to choose the best for purpose. Please try to photograph wall hangings front-on and books and sculptural pieces as if they are standing on a plinth or tabletop. Just imagine how you would view them in an exhibition. The art piece should be fully in the frame for at least one of the images, others can be close-up or cropped areas if you like.

Accompanying information: A Word document should accompany images detailing the title of the art piece, dimensions and materials used. You are also invited to write a few lines re the concept or whatever you would like published about the piece.

Acceptable works: All submissions should be of work that is paper related in some form. These may be 2D or 3D: wall-hangings, books, sculptural pieces, manipulated paper or whatever your creative spirit can produce.

Notes on the theme: Whilst the title is Rusted On we are accepting works that demonstrate the theme in varied ways, not necessarily restricted to actual rusting on paper. You may wish to work in other ways using a ‘rusty’ colour range, mixed media or incorporating rusted items into your art piece.

Our member Midori sent us this note:
Rust can be translated into the Japanese word ‘sabi’. You may know ‘Wabi Sabi’ which celebrates the imperfect beauty of things, often old things.

So that’s another interpretation to keep in mind. If you can demonstrate a connection to the theme your work will be featured.

Viewing the exhibition: Depending on the number of participants and works, we envisage multiple exhibition posts throughout the month of October.

Making your submission: Email the webmaster, Claire, by CLICKING HERE to submit your images and supporting documentation.

We look forward to receiving details of your art works.

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August Virtual Social Day – Part 3

Andrea writes:

I’ve made a sample book of 17 pages from reproductions by an early 19th century French artist, Pierre Redoute.

I’ve cut into and then folded back some of the cut outs and used architects yellow drafting paper between each illustration.

Covered in off-white light papers, front & back & Japanese stab binding with Gutermann 100% polyester thread.

Dimensions 26 x 33.5m.

Dinah writes:

This is a little concertina book. The houses are all the same shape and it is the lines drawn on them that makes them look different. The papers are gelli plate prints and the people, flowers, birds and the path are stencils.

Dinah has been using mixed media to great effect. Encompassing gelli plate printing, stencilling, masking and collage, amongst other techniques, she has produced these two lovely concertina books.

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Sydney Printmakers – Latest Exhibition

Sydney Printmakers

invite you to view their online exhibition


To the Edges:
60 years of Sydney Printmakers

Please click on the catalogue below to view all the artworks

Celebrating sixty years in 2021, Sydney Printmakers is the longest running independent printmaking membership organisation in Australia.

It continues to demonstrate its currency, not only in the quality and diversity of the work its artists create, but in the collegiate way they work together to share ideas and resources and to support each other. As a group, they are thriving.

Webmaster note: We are delighted to see our member Nathalie Hartog-Gautier with her piece Looking for Paradise featured in this exhibition.

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August Virtual Social Day – Part 2

Many of you are sending in your recent pieces and we will be featuring them over several posts.

Suzie writes:

I am surviving by walking the dog frequently and trying to get in the ocean as often as possible.

My creativity has been sporadic but I am still stitching where possible and making cards to send to friends, as well as cataloguing my mother’s 22 scrapbooks dating back to the 50’s which is a challenge.

This is a bag I made for a friend who has just finished chemo.

(Webmaster Note: Thank heavens that despite the limitations of lockdown we are still able to exercise. As with Suzie, I’m out walking with my dog on a daily basis. We wander along bush trails, sporadically meet others and wave from a distance but just being outside in the fresh air is very therapeutic).

Vivian writes:

Getting out on my terrace enjoying some sunshine and doing a bit of re-potting plants ready for Spring. Great time to be tidying up my studio but letting the housework go.

Some pages from my book. 1 book down and working on the second.

Lee has been creating etched prints on handmade paper.

The realisation of this intaglio printed image has come after much work and several trials along the way.

The print matrix was initially etched in a water & acid bath and proof prints were taken. Seeing that she hadn’t initially achieved the variation in tone she was looking for Lee then isolated some areas, by blocking out the lightly toned sections, and immersed the plate into the bath for a second time. This increased the etching in selected places, meaning that more ink is held in those areas, creating a darker tone.

After repeating the process, increasing tonal variation and adding further mark-making, she has produced this version and we’re delighted to see it on handmade paper.

Do continue to send your images and lockdown stories in so we can share them with both our membership and wider audience.

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Japanaroo 2021: A Virtual Event

Japanaroo 2021 will be launching in a big way THIS FRIDAY at 5:30pm.

The event has something for people of all ages— an Origami workshop, Food and Sake talks from Fukuoka and Nagoya, Japanese cultural performances, a Paralympics presentation and a Q&A session with artists @Mulga and @Kentaro_Yoshida. There are also opportunities to win exclusive prizes – and all this via ZOOM!

This event kicks off six weeks of celebrating the Australian-Japan relationship and is scheduled to run from 20th August until 2nd October. It gives the opportunity to government organisations, community groups, non-profit organisations as well as shops, restaurants and other businesses to hold special events related to Japan in and beyond Sydney.

The full schedule for the evening (5:30 – 8:00pm) is available to view by clicking HERE where you will also find the ZOOM link so you can enjoy participating in this fabulous initiative.

PPA member, Midori Furze, will be running an origami workshop to get the ball rolling at 5:30pm with a special guest, Consul-General Kiya. You can prepare in advance by having 3 sheets of square paper and a pair of scissors to hand, then follow her instructions as you turn and fold the sheets into a new creation.

Check out other Japanaroo events being run over the six week period by clicking HERE.

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Aug 16: PPA Virtual Social Day – Part 1

As with last month we remain in lockdown and are conducting our activities online. Our social day yesterday, where we normally show our latest creative pieces face-to-face, continues to engage our members and we’ve received several images of work to share with you.

Brenda writes:

For our social day I was working on something for our ‘Rust’ exhibition. I think we all love that rust colour and so I started with some mono printing play …

…and finally a couple of finished prints.

Cathie writes:

Here are some pictures of three books I have made from some of the rusted papers (Webmaster note: Click here to see where we previously featured these papers).

The first is a rusted cover and rusted and printed pages sewn together with link and kettle stitches.

The second has canvas covers and pages dyed with rust and Indigo to suggest landscapes. The covers are over drawn with pen and pencils and bound to the pages with a double whip stitch and two waxed wooden skewers.

The third is a landscape concertina book about Rapa Nui (Easter Island). I drew the stone heads on rusted paper, over painted them and glued them to the rusted concertina landscape.

Look out for more coming soon, and don’t forget to send us your latest works to share with everyone.

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Papermakers and Artists Qld – ‘PAQ’

A note from the webmaster:
We would like to suggest that before you continue reading this article you get comfortable; perhaps grab a cup of tea or coffee, indulge in a biscuit, a small piece of cake or a Portuguese custard tart (my favourite) and sit back to enjoy the offerings of our friends and fellow paper artists in Queensland.

A little about the organisation:

Papermakers & Artists Qld is a not-for-profit organisation focused on paper in all its form, including handmade botanical papers. Members include established and emerging artists as well as artisans working in the papermaking and book binding trades.

The interests of members are varied and include papermaking using recycled paper and plant fibres, paper sculpture, artist books, paper clay, surface design, pulp painting, marbling, calligraphy and printmaking. Meetings are held regularly and the emphasis is on the sharing of skills and information, experimentation and on bringing together people who have a passion for paper.

A message from their President, Sandra Pearce:
Our upcoming exhibition ‘Sky Sea Land Lines’ has been cancelled due to our lockdown. Our exhibition organisers, Joanna and Wendy, had made a beautiful catalogue, which is now featured on our website as a flipbook. Please share the link with your members so they can enjoy it too. 

Having clicked on the image above to access the link hover your curser over the catalogue and a navigation bar will appear at the bottom. We suggest you either use the slider to enlarge the catalogue or the icon similar to a broken square to view it in full screen size. After all, you want to be able to see as much detail as possible.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the rest of their website while you’re there.

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