Exhibition: The Red Project

We are pleased to be displaying our collaborative project in VENUE 3, along with the opportunity for the public to get involved by participating in our paper-making workshop on Sunday 11th March.

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The Red Project

By Dinah Beeston, PPA President

The date for hanging our Red Tent at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability is approaching very quickly.  North Sydney Council has invited us to participate in The Red Project celebrating creative women in North Sydney which is open from 3 to 18 March.


Our committee and assistants have been working very hard to make all the paper necessary for the tent walls, the roof and the cupola.

We’ve beaten, and mixed, and poured, and pressed, and dried the sheets, which are different shapes and sizes and a variety of reds, using recycled paper and plant fibre, and chemical dyes.

The whole project has involved a lot of discussion, sharing of ideas, experimentation, passing on of experience and knowledge, and a great deal of collaboration and cooperation between members.  This is the message that we found in the novel “The Red Tent” which we used for inspiration.

Pressing the smaller sheets for the cupola

Smaller sheets for quilt


In addition to the tent itself, members have been making smaller sheets which will be made into a quilt which will showcase a variety of types of papers and ways of decorating them.

We are now at the stage of working out the logistics to erect our tent and then setting it up in the Artist Studio at the Coal Loader.

Come to the exhibition and see what we’ve been doing for the last three months.

Working on the logistics

Webmaster Note: Whilst over at Primrose Park recently I managed to sneak a few pictures of some of the paper being made and some of the colour testing.  Enjoy!

So how is it going to look once constructed?  Well, get yourself along to the exhibition and find out.  Full details coming soon.

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Tips & Tricks Day

Playing with size

1. any of various gelatinous or glutinous preparations made from glue, starch, etc., used for filling the pores of cloth, paper, etc., or as an adhesive ground for gold leaf on books.
verb (used with object), sized, sizing.
2. to coat or treat with size.

We had a day of exploring size; what it is, how to use it and what effect it has on handmade paper.  Starting with a talk and demonstration by Jill Elias we were soon on our way to experimenting with different types of size.

Internal size

We prepared vats of pulp incorporating a different type of size in each, and made new sheets of paper.

External size

We also painted size onto paper we had previously made.

It all went outside to dry under fly screens to stop it blowing away.   Who needs advanced technology when you can successfully recycle and give old screens a new use?

Some of the size options we looked at included: gelatine, powdered starch (with and without metho), wallpaper paste, rabbit skin glue, hercon and konyaku.  Others were discussed.

A very interesting and educational day for all.

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Zoneone Arts brings you ………..

Nathalie Hartog-Gautier

Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, printmaker and member of Primrose Paper Arts, talks about her work and inspiration with Zoneone Arts in a fascinating on-line interview.

Click here to read what she has to say, what her main influences are and to view some of her artworks.

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Exhibition: Press for Progress

Project Contemporary Artspace website should have full details, and perhaps even some photos, later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Webmaster Note: So pleased to see our member, Liz Jeneid, participating in this exhibition.

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Exhibition: Beyond

Webmaster Note: We are delighted to see our member Rosemary exhibiting at Mosman Art Gallery.

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Exhibition: Sydney Printmakers 2018


Webmaster note: We are delighted that our member Nathalie Hartog Gautier is participating in this event.

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