About our organisation:

Primrose Paper Arts Inc was formed in March 1991. The group operates from Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre, Cremorne, in the building which was the site of the Folly Point sewage farm treatment works in the late nineteenth century. The centre is supported by North Sydney Council and provides us with a permanent venue to both work and store our vast range of equipment.

cylinders-72x150The major focus of Primrose Paper Arts is to promote handmade paper as an art form in its own right. In the creation of unique and beautiful paper for application in 2D and 3D artworks, equal use is made of recycled material and plant fibre. Printmaking and the book arts are encouraged and, while not all members are dedicated papermakers, all appreciate and like to work with handmade paper.

Workshops are conducted frequently at Primrose Park by experienced tutors. Their aim is to extend the technical expertise of both members and non-members. The extraordinary variety of work produced is testament to the continued interest in handmade paper and to the versatility of such a simple material. The growth in our membership demonstrates a continued fascination with handmade paper.

Our studio, which is very well equipped with a Hollander beater, presses, moulds and deckles, a printing press and bookbinding equipment, is open to our members for use on Mondays and Thursdays and some weekends throughout the year.

About our members:

japanese-stab-binding-books-72x200Our members come with a wide range of skills and expertise, from the very beginner to highly qualified paper makers. Each has their own speciality, or interest, and all are open to both sharing their knowledge and learning from others.

Some of the things we explore during our workshops and social days include beginners level paper making, paper sculpting, colouring and dyeing pulp, manipulating and embossing, beating and preparing unusual materials for future paper projects, paper inclusions, fusing paper and more. In addition to this we also look at surfaces for paper: printing in all its forms including using Gelli plates, adding metal leaf, painting, designing using coloured paper pulp ‘slurry’, collage and anything else the members would like to try.

coiled-paper-72x200The group is dynamic, meet regularly and have a desire to extend their paper related knowledge through participation in both internal and external exhibitions, challenges and shared projects.

Although our members are mainly Sydney based and able to come to Primrose Park to attend meetings, workshops and other events, we also have more remote members who can participate through our newsletter, exhibit annually and keep in touch by sharing their own paper making news.  We hope this website will provide another platform for them to promote their work, contribute articles and spread the paper making word.

Primrose Paper Arts Inc.
Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre
Matora Lane, off lower Young Street
Cremorne, NSW