Note: All workshops, unless otherwise stated, are held at:

Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre
Matora Lane, off lower Young Street
Cremorne, NSW

It is a condition of entry to all workshops that closed in shoes are worn and any specific safety issues identified prior to, or during, the individual workshops is observed.

This page is split into two sections:
First are the ADULT workshops, followed by CHILDREN’S workshops.


Adult: Exploring dyes & pigments
with Lynne Britton
Saturday 11th May, 2019

Lynne will be working with us using dyes to colour both paper and pulp. We currently have a range of dyes and colorants in the studio which we will experiment with, and she will also cover other brands and products we can use to best effect on paper.

As owner of Batik Oetoro in Gatehead (a suburb of Newcastle, NSW), Lynne has a long background working with dyes and has a deep level of knowledge and experience.

As a practicing textile artist Lynne holds a Diploma of Visual Arts (majoring in textiles) and Graduate Diploma of Education (Art).  She worked for 10 years in the fashion industry as a textile designer collaborating closely with screenprinters.  During this time she also obtained her Dyeing & Patternmaking Certificate.

In March 2007, she and her husband bought Batik Oetoro and have been running a successful business ever since.  Not only a supplier of all things dye, pigment & paint related, she also runs workshops, creates her own art and exhibits.

So, bring all those questions you’ve got about different types of dyes and how to use them, and if you haven’t used any before this workshop could open up a whole new world for you.

**Webmaster Note: I’ve known Lynne for many years and I can say, without doubt, if you have a question about any aspect relating to dyeing or colouring fabrics or paper Lynne should have the answer.  She is a fountain of knowledge and if, on the off-chance, she doesn’t know it she knows where to find it.

Click here to visit the Batik Oetoro website and learn more about Lynne.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  Nil

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Image resources:


Adult: Colour, Composition & Collage
with Claire Brach
Saturday 8th June, 2019

Claire will lead us into the wonderful world of colour first, where we will discover what we like, what we don’t like and how colours react together.

We will explore how colours affect perceptions of art and how to pick what works and what doesn’t in our own practice.

So how do we put colour and shape into prints, drawings, paintings and even paper pulp painting and paper making?  We will take a look at composition and what it is that attracts the eye.  Think about this; what type of things pique your interest?  Are they sculptural or flat, full of colour, black and white, quirky or serious, textural or smooth?  Do you prefer images with a focal point or an all over pattern?  What is it that draws and holds your attention and how can you use that successfully in your own work?

Finally we will look at collage, a very subjective design tool.  Everyone sees something different in collage and all members are encouraged to bring their own ideas, what they have done with collage, what they would like to do and how they see it fitting into their own projects.

Claire will cover a range of collage techniques and participants will experiment with different ideas by working on small samples to create individual visual outcomes.

This is an excellent opportunity to attend a fun day, to share your ideas with others and leave with new skills, ideas and ways to use colour, composition and collage in a way that enhances your own creativity and opens new avenues for exploration.

Check out more about the tutor (and PPA member), Claire Brach, and her experience on her member gallery page here.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  Nil

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Adult: Photographing your work
with Primrose Park Photographers
July, 2019 – Date TBC

It’s all well and good being able to create fabulous art pieces but how is the best way to photograph them?  Entering your work into exhibitions and competitions often requires visual images of either work in progress or finished pieces to be submitted and this is the area where many of us feel uncertain.

Our very experienced friends at Primrose Park Photographers will take us through what it takes to produce quality images for a variety of purposes.  Whether it be for your on-line blog, a large printed poster, a gallery submission or perhaps even a coffee table book, you will get all the advice you need during this one day workshop.

It might be an idea to bring your camera, smart phone and (definitely) all your questions to this workshop!

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  Nil –

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Adult: Encaustic on paper
with Lee Bethel
Saturday 28th September, 2019

For Lee Bethel, elegant constraints are the foundation of her workings, manipulating the fold and cutting intricate designs within the grid. In her hands, paper reveals its capacity for resilience and malleability. It is both a tangible folding of paper and a metaphorical folding of time and memory.

Left: Star, rust on hand-cut and folded paper; Right: Lattice, graphite, encaustic on hand-cut and folded paper

Her use of encaustic shows a restrained palette with contemplative and material-rich surfaces.

Lee Bethel, Komon, watercolour on hand-cut paper, 2018

In this one day workshop Lee will demonstrate a variety of cutting and folding techniques, with each participant constructing a concertina artist’s panel incorporating their own artworks. She will also demonstrate encaustic techniques and show how this can extend an artwork.

Click here to visit Lee’s website and see more of her fabulous works.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  Nil

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Adult: Small vessels
with Louise Gilchrist
October, 2019 – Date TBC

Further details and images coming soon.

Check out more about the tutor (and PPA member), Louise Gilchrist, and her stunning work on her member gallery page here.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  Nil

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Children: Paper Art Workshops

 We expect to be offering new opportunities in early 2019.


Our expert paper artists will explain how to make fabulous new paper from recycled paper and mountboard.  The children make their own unique pieces to take home.

WHEN:    We will be planning new workshop dates for 2019
       10am – 2pm
SUITS:     Children ages 6 – 12 years
COST:       $30 per child
APPLICATION FORM FOR BOOKING: childrens-workshop-application


These workshops are extremely popular and the children always go home with the thrill of having made their own paper from start to finish.  They enjoy making the pulp,  forming the sheets, texturing and adding inclusions to form their own unique pieces.  It’s a great day and we look forward to helping them learn the basics of this art.

Note:  Children should bring lunch, an apron, some cardboard (eg. cereal boxes, manila folders) to carry the papers home.  Wear closed in shoes.  No experience necessary.


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