Note: All workshops, unless otherwise stated, are held at:

Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre
Matora Lane, off lower Young Street
Cremorne, NSW

It is a condition of entry to all workshops that closed in shoes are worn and any specific safety issues identified prior to, or during, the individual workshops is observed.

This page is split into three sections:
First are the ADULT workshops, followed by CHILDREN’S workshops, followed by some COMPLETED workshops (just to show you what wonderful things we do!)


Adult: Working with Silk
with Claire Brach
Saturday May 12 2018

To start this workshop Claire will run through many types of silk products, some of which you may already own, and explain how they can be incorporated into your art, including paper making, sculpture, book making, beads and a variety of other embellishment effects.

Items such as: silk stripping, silk rods, cocoons, throwsters waste, silk hankies & caps, and silk roving will all be discussed, and participants will experiment and create their own unique samples of techniques taught.

This will be a fun and lighthearted (read ‘stress-free’ here) day where experimentation and personal interpretation are the focus.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  $10

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Adult: Paper Making from Weeds –
in conjunction with North Sydney Bushcare
Sunday June 10 2018

What is a weed?  How can a weed be used to make a sheet of paper?  We will learn how to recognise a weed and then cook and blend the plants to make sheets of paper.

This will be a sharing of information and experience between members of Bushcare and the Paper Artists.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $30 for Bushcare and PPA members.

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Adult: Powerpoint for the Paper Artist
with Maria Stagno
Saturday August 11 2018

Looking to manage your projects digitally, but not sure where, or how, to start?  Then this workshop is for you.

PowerPoint is a simple tool to help organise your work, ideas and projects using your computer without taking up physical space. You will need a laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint software.

With this digital tool you can create:

  •  presentations for teaching or showing friends or groups your techniques
  • design diaries that don’t take up any space in the house, can be as big or small as you want for every project you create. Save paper and ink as you no longer have to print or photocopy everything. File your inspiration and ideas for easy access.
  • mood boards easily changed and rearranged when ideas present themselves
  • record workshop notes and photos for future reference
  • annotated step-by-step processes using your photos and illustrations and more

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Requirements:  Laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint software.

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Adult: Bookbinding
with Jean Riley
Saturday September 8 2018

Jean has been making books for many years and has taught for nearly as long.  Her method of sharing her knowledge ensures that each participant, regardless of previous book-making experience, ends the day with a completed project.

Jean will put together a set of materials for each person to avoid you having to scour suppliers for specific items.

Full details will follow, closer to the workshop, regarding the type of book she will be teaching.  An example of a student’s completed book and book-box from a previous workshop with Jean is shown here.

Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  TBA

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Adult: Relief Mono-printing
with Robert Ives
Saturday November 10 2018

The day will start with an initial creative exercise demonstrating how to print in many colours from one block, using monoprinting techniques to develop an image.  The resulting prints from this activity make wonderful cards or gifts.

Using these skills and techniques, participants will produce a new block based on idea(s) from either their sketchbook, photos or magazine cuttings. This image will then be transferred to a larger printing block and used to create a range of multi coloured prints.

Printing through the etching press and by hand will be covered.

Check out more about the tutor (and PPA member), Robert Ives, and his printing experience on his member gallery page here.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $75 members $85 non-members
Material fee:  TBA

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Children: Paper Art Workshop
We are currently planning new workshop dates


Our expert paper artists will explain how to make fabulous new paper from recycled paper and mountboard.  The children make their own unique pieces to take home.

WHEN:    We are currently planning new workshop dates.
       10am – 2pm
SUITS:     Children ages 6 – 12 years
COST:       $30 per child
APPLICATION FORM FOR BOOKING: childrens-workshop-application


These workshops are extremely popular and the children always go home with the thrill of having made their own paper from start to finish.  They enjoy making the pulp,  forming the sheets, texturing and adding inclusions to form their own unique pieces.  It’s a great day and we look forward to helping them learn the basics of this art.

Note:  Children should bring lunch, an apron, some cardboard (eg. cereal boxes, manila folders) to carry the papers home.  Wear closed in shoes.  No experience necessary.


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