Note: All workshops, unless otherwise stated, are held at:

Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre
Matora Lane, off lower Young Street
Cremorne, NSW

It is a condition of entry to all workshops that closed in shoes are worn and any specific safety issues identified prior to, or during, the individual workshops is observed.

Workshops are listed below in order of the date on which they will be presented.
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Book Making: Drum leaf binding

Tutor: Avril Makula
Sunday 28 May 10 am to 4 pm

Drum leaf binding is an adhesive book structure made up of single folded folios. Pages are ‘drummed’ at the spine and foredge, then the spine and cover are attached. Only one side of each folio is visible when the book is bound, making it a great structure for binding prints, drawings and the like, when only one side of the paper has been used.

Because this is a book with no stitching, it allows for full page spreads uninterrupted by rows of thread in the centre folds. It can be made from a wide range of paper types, it lies quite flat, and is fairly easy to construct. While this book structure is great for binding existing artwork, you can also use blank pages.

In this one-day workshop, suitable for all levels, we will aim to make two books, each using a different spine attachment technique.

Workshop fee: $100 PPA members – $125 non-members


Drum Leaf Binding at Primrose 28 May 2023

Showing the page sections



  • Cutting mat
  • Metal ruler
  • Knife/s – scalpel, snap-off blade, stanley knife – whatever you like to use. Plus replacement blades
  • Bonefolder
  • Glue brush/es (one small flat brush for edges, one larger for covers) and two containers, one for glue and one for your brushes
  • Waste paper for glueing out (shiny magazines are good)
  • Chux
  • Paper towels or a hand towel can be useful
  • Baking paper
  • Apron if you like to wear one
  • Weights (to hold pages in place while glueing) and pressing boards (to keep your pages evenly weighted while the glue dries).


  • Paper to make your book pages. Can be plain paper including printmaking paper, drawing paper, cartridge paper, handmade paper. Or existing prints, artwork etc. Drum leaf binding is great for binding prints because there is no stitching along the spine. Most paper is suitable but it is a good idea to make the whole book with the same weight paper.
  • Adhesive (bookbinders pva). The pva at Primrose is suitable. A glue stick can be handy.
  • Paper for endpapers and covers (I will bring some also)

NOTE: There is no set size for your book/s. It will depend on the paper or prints you bring. Each book (and we will aim to make two) should have between 6 and 10 sheets of paper, each of which will be folded in half, preferably with the grain. The folded pages will be trimmed to size. If you don’t have prints or artwork, just bring plain paper. Two or three full sheets of printmaking paper is enough to be cut down to make a book. If you have something like A4 handmade paper, you will need 6 to 10 (or more!) sheets for your bookblock.


  • Boxboard for the covers
  • Spine materials
  • A selection of paper suitable for endpapers and some plain papers for covers (if needed)


Introduction to paper-making
with various tutors – 2023 dates

Choose from: Saturday 24 June, Monday 14 August, Thursday 12 October

Come and learn the very basics of how to create your own unique sheets of paper.  We will start by preparing the fibre and pulp and learning how to set up a workspace and vat ready to start pulling sheets.  This will be followed by step-by-step guidance on how to form your own paper.

By the end of this workshop participants will understand:

  • The fundamentals of paper-making and relevant equipment
  • How to work within a studio scenario
  • How to prepare pulp and form sheets of paper
  • How to operate a paper press
  • How to dry sheets, ensuring they remain flat

Participants will leave with a set of their own paper produced on the day.

Time:  10am – 4pm
Cost:  $100 members $125 non-members
Material fee:  Nil
Participants: Maximum of 5 in each workshop

The next of these workshops will be on Saturday 24th June 2023.


2023 workshops currently being planned include:
Sunday, June 25 – Experimental Mark Making with Debbie Mackinnon
Sat/Sun, Oct 21/22
Eco printing with Wendy Joyce