Tips & Tricks Sessions

Note: All Tips & Tricks days, unless otherwise stated, are for members only and are held at:

Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre
Matora Lane, off lower Young Street
Cremorne, NSW

It is a condition of entry to all events that closed- in shoes are worn and any specific safety issues identified prior to, or during, each individual event is observed.

These meetings are an opportunity to share ideas, experiences and techniques without the structure of a workshop with a tutor, and perhaps find out the answers to those questions you’ve had. They are a lot more informal and rely on input from all attendees.

TIME:  10am to 2.00pm.
COST:  $10 – members only
DETAILS:  Further details will be available closer to the date of each T&T day.
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**If members have a special request for a Tips & Tricks session please use the Contact Us tab to send your ideas.


Working with plant fibres
Thursday 10th October, 2019

Our plant fibre cook-up Tips & Tricks day in June was such a success that we are re-running this to enable those who missed out to have a go.

In addition, for those who participated or anyone who has plant pulp ready-boiled, we will have the blenders, beater, and all paper making equipment available.  Whatever stage you’re at; fresh plants ready to cook, cooked fibres ready to pulp, pulp ready to form into paper, this is the day to come along and have a go.

Take this opportunity to spend a day in the studio working on creating paper from plants with a bunch of like-minded members.  All levels of expertise (or not!) are welcome and there will experienced members on hand to give advice and guide you through whichever point you’re at.

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Mark making on paper
Monday 11th November, 2019
led by Diana Brandt

We gaze at rocks, tree bark and rivers twisting their way through the landscape and ponder the beautiful patterns they make, the colours  exposed in layers.

Mark making is a way of decorating paper to emulate those patterns onto paper. They can look  mysterious and cause us to wonder how they were made as we stare into the thinly applied paint and try to analyze how they were done.

Diana uses her papers to cover the books she makes, to add wistful patterns on the pages of journals that inspire her to paint or sketch, and she makes cards and envelopes.

This  will be a fun, experimental, messy and random day. Each page you do will be different from the last. Hidden somewhere there amongst the paint will be little gems of unexpected lines and patterns.
Note: This session does not include book construction.  Please see our Special Interest Days section for days dedicated to book-making.

CLICK HERE for the materials list.

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Recent past Tips & Tricks days:

Plant fibre cook-up

This was a day to get the heavy equipment out; the large coppers!

Paper Play without Glue

There are many different ways of working with paper that don’t include glue and our members brought their ideas and projects along.


Playing with Size

What is size and why do we need to size some paper? How many sorts of size are there? When do we use which one?

This was a day of experimenting with various types of size to understand what the effect of each one is and when we would use it.



Mandy showed how to manipulate thin Japanese papers into robust multi-layered patterned creations.  She explained how to blend colours, cut, pull-apart, split, embellish and even paint and stitch your papers.

She talked about forming sculptures, how to shape and join pieces into larger art works and the many uses for this type of fabulous ‘paper felting’.


With only an A4 sheet of paper

What can be done with only an A4 sheet of paper – and maybe a pair of scissors and some glue?

This day explored some of the things you can make such as boxes, bags, books, etc..

Participants shared ideas of what can be done and the easiest way of doing them.  With several good paper folders in the group we all learned something new.


Joomchi and Shifu (paper string)

Joomchi is always popular and Mandy also demonstrated Shifu making.

This paper string is extremely sturdy and relatively easy to make when you know how.  It’s quite a meditative process as you watch your paper string take form.

The example to the left shows Mandy’s recent work where she has incorporated the Shifu string as a ‘fringe’ on this full-size Joomchi cloak.