Mount Kembla Workshops

Liz Jeneid is once again offering workshops at her studio in Mount Kembla, very close to Wollongong.

Drawing & Monoprinting with Kathryn Orton
8th & 9th August, 2020

Participants will start drawing by working freely with rolled ink monoprint techniques. Prints can be made by drawing into the ink layer or onto the paper.  Get the most out of the process by both hand printing and using the press.

Later these initial printed works can be developed into richly constructed works on paper which combine printed and drawn marks.  There will then be the opportunity to layer other images and/or draw onto the print using various media, and even collage related images on different papers.

Draw, Print, Fold & Stitch
Bookmaking with Liz Jeneid
22nd & 23rd August, 2020

A book for documenting a journey, a book for someone special,  a political issue, a book about an idea you’ve had for some time and want to explore, or a book about life experiences … yours or that of another person.

Simple printmaking techniques, drawing and stitching may be used in the final piece.  You will be able to work on a small or large scale.  There are many ways to make a book and we will explore as many as possible over the two days.

Contact Liz at for more details.

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Online T&T 3: Eucalyptus Oil Transfer

Tips & Tricks Challenge 3

Notes before starting:
As we are currently unable to meet as a group face-to-face we welcome everyone to our online Tips & Tricks sessions.

We hope our members, website followers, and anyone else who stumbles across our blog will enjoy and participate in the small projects and challenges we will be posting from time to time.

Please photograph your finished project and email it to our webmaster, Claire, by clicking here.  She will upload your images one week after the project has gone live.  So, in this case, you have until Wednesday 10th June (afternoon) to email your results to her.  This is not confined to our members, anyone may email their results.  Enjoy!


The Joy of Eucalyptus Oil Transfer

By Sue Bradshaw


  1. Choose a photograph you’d like to make a print from.
    1. Select a colour image with plenty of contrast and interesting shapes. IMPORTANT: This method creates a mirror image, so if text is included or you want the print exactly the same as the original photo you’ll need to print it in reverse first.
  2. A print or copy of the photograph made using a laser printer.
    1. This technique doesn’t work with inkjet printers because we’re going to use the toner in the laser copy to create our print.  You can get a laser copy from OfficeWorks for about 70c for an A4 sheet or your local post office for $1 or so.
  3. Something to transfer the image to handmade paper (which is more porous than commercially made paper).  If you’re using commercial paper it must be porous, not shiny.
  4. 100% essential Eucalyptus oil – if it’s not pure the transfer won’t work.  I use Bosisto’s – 175ml is about $20, but you don’t need much for each print.
    1. (Webmaster Note: I bought 50ml of Bosisto’s 100% Eucalyptus Oil for $6.00 from my supermarket)
  5. An old cloth.  An old cotton tee shirt works well.
  6. Something to apply pressure to transfer the image to the paper – the back of a metal or wooden spoon, bone folder, ruler.
  7. Tape – sellotape, masking tape, removable painters tape or similar.


  1. Tape your paper to a cutting board or similar.  You don’t want it moving while you’re transferring the image.
  2. From your printed/copied photograph cut out the part of the image you want to transfer leaving a border so you can tape the image in place.
  3. Apply tape to the edges of your image and stick it face down on top of the paper.  The tape will stop the oil penetrating so ensure you don’t put any over the area you wish to transfer.
  4. Load your rag or old tee shirt with eucalyptus oil and rub gently across the back of the image.
  5. I know you’re just dying to take a look!  Roll back one of the edges to see what’s happening.  There should be some degree of transfer, but the real magic happens next.
  6. Use the back of your spoon or bone folder and rub firmly to transfer the toner to your paper.  You can add extra effects by scratching with a fine point as you rub if you like.
  7. Carefully remove the tape and peel off the original image, it will reveal a lovely print of your photo underneath.

My step-by-step video will guide you through the process:

PPA: Have fun with this and don’t forget to email your results to Claire.

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How a passion for paper was first ignited at Primrose

By PPA member Juliette Rubensohn

Blue Apple Art Studios, Unisson Disability, Terrey Hills

If you had been at Primrose on a Friday morning between 2001 and 2005, you would have regularly seen a group of 4 to 5 happy enthusiasts being initiated into the world of handmade paper.  Having had a long involvement with Primrose  myself, and after starting work with people with intellectual disability at Sunshine Home, Gore Hill, I was asked if I would introduce papermaking as a regular activity.  So most Fridays we would head down to make paper and then sit and enjoy our alfresco lunch.

In 2005 Sunshine devolved into the community, with new headquarters at Pymble.  In 2006, as many clients by this time now loved papermaking, and made cards from their paper to sell,  Sunshine set up the Sunshine Paper Studio, a  well-equipped studio in a small space at Hornsby, where we began sessions in traditional papermaking, and also in using paper as an art medium.

At the same time, a small art studio was set up in an office space at St Ives.  Both studios would, in 2008, move to the Pymble headquarters where we remained for 12 years, during which time a Ceramics studio at Frenchs Forest was also established, and Sunshine rebranded as Unisson Disability.

Up to 35 artists with disability regularly attended the studios creating artworks and exhibiting  in our exhibitions held over the years at venues such as Ku-ring-gai Art Centre, Gallery Lane Cove, and Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, and also participating in Primrose exhibitions.

There was always a vision for the three studios to be together, which would allow for greater artistic exchange and collaboration.  This dream became a reality in January this year when we moved into the refurbished Terrey Hills site (originally Australian Geographic) which is now home to Blue Apple Art Studios.  A new name for a new era of art-making in a beautiful natural setting.

In the light filled space two of the studio sessions (art, paper, ceramics) can be conducted concurrently and we are all enjoying the increased opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas.  The momentum gained in the first few months has been interrupted by the covid-19 lockdown, but we are slowly initiating  a return to classes in a covid safe environment.

Penny Howe, Banksia, Metamorphosis Exhibition 2019

If anyone is interested in finding out more about what the organisation does, please Click here to contact Juliette, or Click here to go to Unisson Disability.

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Using the concept of inverse relationships

A few weeks ago we offered an on-line Tips & Tricks session, created by our member Dinah, entitled Notan/Counterchange.  Dinah demonstrated how, by using 2 different coloured papers, positive and negative images can be created.

Our member, Lee, came across a very interesting blog post which builds further on this concept.

Paula Beardell Krieg

Perks of Backwards Thinking, or Designing with Inverses

In part 2 of Designing with Inverses she explores pop-ups.  Her latest post (Webmaster Note: which I LOVE) is all about making linear patterns with repeating tiles.

Click here to visit her site and see a whole lot of fun paper-related projects, including the ones we’ve mentioned above.


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2020 case Postcard Show

2020 case postcard show theme:

Loving the lyric

In this time of self-isolation and uncertainty,
case has decided to bring forward this year’s postcard show,
creating a new, online exhibition experience.

Some of the 2019 entries

This year only there will be NO entry fee.
All works can be for sale, and this year only there will be NO commission.
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Adults, Youth, Under 12s, and this year only there will be a people’s choice award.

CLICK HERE for important dates and the 5 easy steps to enter your own unique postcard.
CLICK HERE to view some of the 2019 entries.

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Take a few minutes out of your day . . .

. . . and enjoy some of these paper crafts.

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the concept of creating your own toilet roll.  Luckily, the shortage and panic-buying seems to be over.  So now that everyone is fully stocked again, perhaps we should be thinking about what to do with all the empty inner tubes once we’ve worked our way through our supplies.

With winter coming on the birds will soon be short of food.  What about making a simple bird-feeder?

Or bring the outdoors indoors with these air plant holders and design your own set.

Still on the subject of plants, how about making your own biodegradable seed starters.

We’ve some good paper weavers in the group but have you ever thought of creating coasters from toilet roll inserts?

Getting a little more complex, but no less fun to try, are these candle stands.

And, of course, you can always pulp the inserts and create your own bowls and vessels.  We’ve been doing plenty of that recently.

CLICK HERE for directions to make any of the items above and explore a range of other suggestions to use up those redundant cardboard tubes.


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May Virtual Social Day

Still being unable to meet at our venue we held our second virtual social day on Monday. Here’s what some of our members have been doing.


Another virtual social day and I have to decide what to do.  I thought I had better make some cards as our exhibition is only about ten weeks away now.  So I pulled out my Gelli plate and my acrylics and started printing.  I used stencils and handmade paper and commercial acrylic paper.
It was fun but I missed chatting and catching up with other members.


My title is: Still Life with Single Malt, and it is mixed media incorporating plant materials, handmade paper, thread, and paint.


This is an experiment  for Deep Sea Creatures – the idea came from a newspaper article about a submersible discovering a 2m high “waffle-cone” sea-sponge.

During this isolation I have been able to get out decades of my work to sort through.  There are several large boxes of handmade paper which can be reused, printed, collaged, etc..  I hope to be able to work on some before our next exhibition.


I’ve been exploring Gelli plate printing with the addition of painting and drawing.


Today we have a new great grandchild so it has been hard to concentrate on doing anything but I have made a pair of origami earrings.  Our daughter Diana is very good at origami and has been pushing me with my clumsy fingers.  (Webmaster Note: Janet is very good at origami jewellery and could show the rest of us a thing or two!)


I have been working on a 30 day challenge of doing a page in a sketchbook each day.  Here are some of mine.
Missing the days at Primrose…

Webmaster: Thanks everyone for sharing your work.  This is a great way to stay connected and see what each of us is doing, but I know we all can’t wait to get back to Primrose Park.  Fingers crossed it won’t be too long now.

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Focusing on: Ashley Yeo

Encompassing drawings and art objects, Ashley Yeo’s practice stems from private thoughts and ontological questioning.  She is  interested in maintaining a relationship with nature. Her practice revolves around themes of lightness and slowness, beautifully portrayed both through her drawings and her intricate paper-cuts.

Marigold no. 2, 2019, hand-cut paper sculpture with gold leaf, 15 x 15 x 5cm

Drop of Light (Pyramid), 2019, hand-cut paper, 6.7 x 6.7 x 15cm

Ashley Yeo was the first Singaporean artist to achieve a place in the Loewe Craft Prize finals (2018), with her piece ‘Arbitrary Metrics II’.  Chosen from more than 1,900 international submissions, her small delicate paper sculpture comprises an intricate hand-cut floral motif of her own design.

Arbitrary Metrics II, 2018, hand-cut paper, 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm

You can find more of her work by clicking on the links below as well as on her Instagram page.


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Syd Pemberton: Exploring small vessels

By PPA member, Syd Pemberton.

Working on the small vessels I made at our recent class I have added paper inside them to create my version of jelly fish.

I am intending to mount them on a  wire ring and hang them as a mobile.  I decided not to paint them.  I will possibly do some collage instead onto them.

I still have some paper pulp in the fridge which I have dyed a different colour and will make another range of objects.

Webmaster Note: Syd was a participant in our recent Making Small Vessels workshop

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Still suffering a shortage of toilet paper?

Then make your own . . .

Carriage House Paper offer their insight into what to consider before getting started, how to assess the type of paper you’re after; sizing, thickness, degree of softness, even perfume and printed imagery.

Roll of toilet paper made from pineapple fibre by Asao Shimura

If you’re feeling like giving it a try, then you first need pen and paper to calculate usage.  Whilst that is likely to be different for each of us  Carriage House Paper includes some fascinating statistics.

Unquestionably, during these difficult times, making your own toilet paper is a pastime we should all definitely be considering!  Once perfected, you may even considering selling your excess …….

Webmaster note: I’m especially enthused by a comment on the Carriage House Paper site from a guy called Steve who proposes recycling egg cartons, mail and the like.  He suggests pouring the pulp on to a bed sheet placed on a window or sliding door screen until dry, then cut to size.  I assume he means uninstalled windows or door screens so they can be laid flat.  However, considering the sheer madness of this topic who knows!

You MUST CLICK HERE to read the full article.  Enjoy this little ‘amuse tête’.

PPA Note: We would like to thank our member Chris for bringing this essential topic to our attention during these trying times.

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