Exhibition: Of Land, Sea and Sky

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Exhibition: Inhabited Architecture

We are delighted that our member, Mandy Burgess is participating in this event.

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The art behind Barichara’s all-female artisanal paper making

Created in 2001 with the aim of financially supporting single-parent women, Fundación San Lorenzo‘s paper-making factory is today the number one employer in Barichara, Columbia – and a lifeline for women in search of a job.

In a town where work is scarce and opportunities few, the four-month-long process of making paper from fique – a natural fiber that grows in the leaves of the Andean fique plant – has become the vital organ of Barichara’s female working community.

Click here for a glimpse into what it takes to make these precious sheets from nothing but natural resources, an old tobacco press, and the willpower of 11 women.

Beautiful artisanal paper made from 100% natural materials – and without the use of a single piece of modern machinery.

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The Red Project: The Red Tent

The collaborative Red Tent and Red Quilt created and submitted by members of Primrose Paper Arts.

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The Red Project: Nathalie Hartog-Gautier

Nathalie Hartog-Gautier’s practice has focused over the years on the concept of the voyage, its transformations, attachments and associations.

Artist Statement:

“During my residency at Hill End, I developed a series of works representing its very specific landscape and its stratification.  I was given permission to photograph a drill core sample.  It was fascinating to see metres of trays, standing on trestles, representing a depth of 200 metres and to admire the stratification of the landscape that is normally invisible to the eye.”

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The Red Project: Basia Zielinska

Basia Zielinska is an intuitive abstract painter who seeks to immerse herself in experimenting, exploring and challenging her response to internal and physical landscapes.

Artist Statement:

“It was sublimely exciting to be invited to submit a proposal for The Red Project.

In response to the project’s brief, including a vocabulary relating specifically to women – courage, strength, passion, love, family, creativity, overcoming adversity – my imagination flooded with imagery, intertwined by seven decades of personal stories and more global women’s issues.

I committed to a huge canvas, the largest painting I have attempted to date.  When you view my work I hope personal memories come up for you and you find your own narrative in the imagery.”

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The Red Project: Helen Sturgess

Helen Sturgess weaves together storytelling, memory and history – exploring psychological terrain through drawing, sculpture and performance.

Artist statement:

“I am a storyteller by nature and delight in the idiosyncrasies of the English language – we can read red and read as sounding the same.  Postcards are a double communication, read on the reverse (and each of these is titled) but we also read the images, to understand their composition, derive meaning and see through another’s eyes.  Since 2003, I have used postcards to record observations, drawing details from works at the V&A museum in London, then mailing them to myself.  Now I am in the seventh year of a postcard project that entails weekly drawings sent to and received by an artist friend in London.  They record our lives in the ebb and flow of that friendship.  The postcards here are of a similar sensibility.  Each is a snippet of a storyline.  Each is a detail of our larger, collective story.”

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