Exhibition & Open Day: Basketry NSW

Webmaster Note: We are delighted that our member Brenda Livermore is taking part in this event, showcasing some of her amazing basketry techniques.

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We’re counting down the hours ………

Our Shadow and Light exhibition
is about to go live !

The works have been finished, packed, priced and presented to the exhibition committee – and what a marvellous selection of pieces we have.  33 of our members have contributed to this fabulous opportunity to showcase their work to Sydneysiders and visitors over the next 2 weeks.  And set-up day has finally arrived.

With loads of publicity happening (a special thanks to the Mosman Daily below – just a slight error as we actually have 60 members), flyers going out, posters up, invitations sent and even radio announcements, we are nearly ready for the public.

With sunny skies forecast for the next week at least, both our exhibition and the Vivid festival are sure to be busy, with 2.3 million people estimated to be visiting our beautiful waterside city over this period.

But it’s not just happening in the city centre.  For the first time ever, Vivid Sydney 2016 lit up Taronga Zoo, as part of the Zoo’s Centenary Celebrations.  It amazed, delighted and wowed guests young and old with its incredible giant animal light sculptures.

…. and this year will be just as thrilling.  Lights for the Wild will be a fully interactive and immersive event. Become part of the experience and interact with the light sculptures – find out more here.


But back to our exhibition.  What can you expect to see on show at the Palm House in the Botanic Gardens?  Well, there was only one entry stipulation: each art work must include some form of hand-made paper.  We are paper artists after all!  Want a sneak peek?  Here’s a montage of sections from some of the pieces.

Not only will there be over 70 exhibits, many for sale, but we have an array of pieces created especially for our exclusive sales area; prints, unique handcrafted paper, cards and more.

So get yourself along to the Palm House, have a chat with our members, find out more about what we do (if you’re local, consider joining us!), and buy a truly unique piece of art.  We look forward to seeing you there.

1-12 June, 2017
The Palm House
Royal Botanic Gardens

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Exhibition: North Shore Craft Group

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Helen Hiebert Studio

Does anyone already know this site and follow Helen’s blog?  Our member, Michelle, sent me a link to Helen’s online presence and how glad I am that she did because it is a treasure trove of paper-related info.

I first explored her website section called The Sunday Paper.  She writes “Each Sunday, I bring you stories and examples of people doing exciting, innovative, and beautiful things with paper, as well as links to interesting paper facts I’ve unearthed from around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this paper“.  Way more fun than wading through the doom and gloom of the Sunday tabloids I reckon.

On the same web page you can access copies of previous issues to see if you like it and this takes you to her pinterest page.  Click on the images there and you get to the relevant articles.  I stumbled across one about making paper with shredded money.  Yes, you read it correctly – shredded money.

Who’d have thought?  Apparently in the USA you can buy shredded money from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  I wonder if you can do the same here in Australia?

OK, I know this sounds a little wacky but there are tons of other interesting things to look at, so click here to visit The Sunday Paper page and apply to receive her newsletters.

Next I visited her How-To Guides section where I found a link to a facebook page called 25 Days of Paper, another avenue for those who enjoy being a member of on-line project based communities.

There is, of course, a workshop section and we promoted her on-line classes earlier in the year.  These involved creating five illuminated paper structures, all quite unique.  She’s nothing new happening just now but it’s always worth checking out again in the future.

Finally I looked at her blog.  Here I found much of the information is taken from The Sunday Paper.  So if you don’t want to sign-up for it to arrive in your in-box every week and would prefer to peruse it if and when you like then this is the place for you.  Check it out here.

A good site, lots of different paper related things happening, so I hope you find something of interest.

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Charmaine Ortiz: Cast paper sculpture

This North Carolina artist exhibits her work both nationally and internationally and has earned various fellowships and residency grants to further her practice. 

Her website work statement describes (in part) the core of her creativity being that of drawing and working with graphite.  Her focus is very much on the no. 2 pencil and she makes her own pencils from raw materials.   Her site goes on to say “The resulting objects and prompts deconstruct the act of drawing to reveal the interconnections between the performance of mark making and the resulting object, drawing vs. the drawing“.

Here we are looking at her work on cast paper to form objects of drawing.  She states that they are very much experimental and she continues to learn much through the ongoing process.

Above: Top row – some of her pieces in the Mirror Image series.
Second row, left to right – Wall Loop and Single-Burr Roundabout.

More of her work, including projects, installations and exhibitions can be found on the links below.


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Exhibition: Lea Kannar Lichtenberger

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In the studio: Experimenting with larger paper

By Claire Brach

My paper making journey has mainly consisted of making sheets not much bigger than A4 or 30cm square and I’ve been keen to make some larger sheets.  So Robert and I had a day in the studio where he introduced me to his own method.  Robert designed a unique mold and deckle to enable him to form larger sheets of paper, and it works quite quickly with good evenly distributed pulp.

Let’s look at his self-designed system.

He constructed a large base with mesh attached, essentially a wooden frame with struts across the underside for support and to maintain the shape.  He then made a high sided top to fit over this, with a shallow lip to allow it to slip over the base on three sides, and form a seal around the lower section.  It will be easier to understand as we progress and you see more pictures.

From this second photo  you can see a thin metal sheet with a ‘stopper’ which is laid atop the mesh before placing the top section in place.  I can almost hear your questions: what on earth is this for?

So, once fully in place and ready to go the contraption looks like this:

We were up and running!  Pulp and additional water was poured in, with the aluminium stopping it draining through, and it was agitated to evenly spread the pulp and ensure there were no lumps.

Holding tightly to the wooden sides the aluminium was whipped out, allowing the water to drain and the paper sheet to form.  Obviously this system uses quite a bit of water but if you’re making white paper the water stays clean and can be reused over and over, once collected through the table draining hole.

It was time to turn out our paper and get it into the press.  I found this part quite hard and kept getting bubbles in the sheets.  However, after some perseverance, and several lots of pulp being scrapped back into the bucket for recycling (!!) I managed to get six pieces looking quite good.

Robert, of course, made it all look very easy:

Into the press for a while, and a break for lunch, then the sheets were rolled onto drying boards and put out in the sun to dry under protective screens.

A great day, and my thanks go to Robert (and Michelle who also helped out whilst making her own paper – and brought morning tea) for both his help and the use of his innovative paper-making invention.

Six pristine white sheets of my own hand-made paper to play with.  Happy with that.

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