Children’s papermaking: Sunday 22nd October

North Sydney Children’s Festival

Where:  Civic Park
When:   Saturday 28 October
Theme: Art Meets Science.

Along with the festival North Sydney Council has organised Children’s Week Creative Workshops from 21st to 28th OctoberClick here for the full range.

Primrose Paper Arts are offering this children’s workshop:

Papermaking using Recycled Paper and Plants, Origami and Paper Dyeing

Where: Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre, Matora Lane (off Young St), Cremorne
When:   Sunday 22 October anytime between 11am – 3pm
Suitable for:  Children between 3 and 12 yo but everyone is welcome to come and see what we do and join in the creativity.

What’s it all about?
Mini workshops will include papermaking, paper dyeing, simple bookmaking and other exciting activities.

The Primrose Park Artists Studios, which are next door, will also be having craft activities between 12pm and 4pm so come down and have a creative day at Primrose Park.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Exhibition: WHITE

Webmaster note: This promises to be a stunning event, so take this opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains (lovely time of year up there) and see the work of these three artists.  We are especially pleased to be able to promote the art practice of our member Helen Sturgess.

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Naturally beautiful banana fibre wallets, papers and more.

Green Banana Paper is a waste-to-wealth manufacturing start-up.  Based in Kosrae, Micronesia, they turn post-harvest banana trees into sustainable handmade goods.

Unlike hardwood fruit-bearing trees, banana plants only fruit once in their lifetime. When the bananas are ripe, farmers must chop down the entire stem so that a younger offshoot can grow from the self-replicating stem.

Normally, these stems are left to decay in the jungle as a byproduct of the fruit harvest.

Today, over 100+ local subsistence farmers in Kosrae are collecting extra income for their families by selling the unwanted stems to the organisation in a natural “waste-to-wealth” cycle.

So what are they doing with it?  As a fairly new venture they are working hard to design and increase their range of saleable products and so far produce some fabulous wallets, hand-woven bags, cards, prints and paper.

Check out the process from banana tree to finished wallet in this video:

You can read more about them and buy their products from the resources below.


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Leura Garden Festival

This weekend is the last chance to visit St. Annes in the Leura Garden Festival.  Our member, Helen Sturgess, has her garden open for the first time, as well as her studio.

Drop by and say hello if you are in the mountains and take the opportunity to see some of her works on display.  Make sure you also visit the other glorious gardens on display.

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Exhibition: The Storytellers

Webmaster note: We are delighted that our member Louise Gilchrist is showing some of her fabulous pieces in this exhibition.  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

And if you would like to see more of her work click here to visit her Gallery page.

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Exhibition: Dissolve

The Korean Cultural Centre Australia (KCC) presents a specially curated exhibition ‘Dissolve, Inspiration by Korea’ featuring five Australian artists who have been inspired by Korean art and culture.

This exhibition aims to provide an opportunity to introduce the artists’ artworks which were inspired from their own personal experiences of Korea.  It also investigates the multifaceted nature of cultural exchange to reveal the meaning of being Korean through the perspectives of non-Koreans.

Hence, through the exhibition, the specific intimate connection that exists between interpretations and crossovers of culture is exposed.  The exhibition comprises of about 30 works including painting, fibre, textile and Hanji (Traditional Korean paper) crafts by Yvonne Boag, Jan Coveney, Catherine O’Leary, Marianne Penberthy and Maryanne Wick.

Ground Floor, 255 Elizabeth Street

Further information:

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Paper casting experimentation

by Claire Brach

I thought I’d share my first experimentation in paper casting.  Our member, Robert, made his own molds and cast some excellent shapes at our recent social day (see previous post) and I’ve been hankering to have a go myself.  I’m in the midst of a project to make a travel journal for a friend and I thought that adding a dimensional focal piece to the front cover would be interesting.

Not having my own molds or the equipment to make them I decided to try using my plastic Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates as templates.  These plates are very useful (and versatile) and I’ve used them to emboss commercial paper in the past but never with pulp.

They are fairly rigid, hold their shape well and take the watery pulp without any problem.  However, they are a bit intricate and I found that I had to really press the pulp down into some of the very narrow sections to ensure I filled the recesses fully.

Using a rolling-pin across the back helped to flatten and pack the pulp into the design.

As the plates dried the pulp shrunk and the fully formed paper gradually came away from the mold, giving me two very detailed and quite robust pieces.

They’ve buckled slightly as they dried but I’m sure I can dampen them so they will soften and flatten before adding them to backing sheets.  Now I’m considering whether I should colour them in some way or not.

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