Australian Design Centre: 2018 Awards Exhibition

The Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards are a new and exciting exhibition highlighting the abundance of Textile artists in NSW.  This year Seed Stitch Collective collaborates with the Australian Design Centre in the award exhibition to showcase the progressive art form of Textiles.

Australian Design Centre
101/113-115 William Street
Darlinghurst  NSW 2010

5 October – 14 November 2018
11am – 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

Presenting outstanding work by contemporary NSW textile artists, the award is an open call-out to textile-oriented artists, designers and crafts-people to create an open arena of opportunity, and to uncover the diverse range of textile artists in NSW.

As part of the exhibition program, a number of associated events will be held, including “Meet the Seed Stitch Collective” on 12 September, and workshops “Playing with Creativity” with Niki McDonald, “Poke and Stitch: Tattooing Cloth” with Emma Peters and “Weave Your Love” with Sky Carter in October.

Click here for more information.

Webmaster Note: We are pleased to announce that the work of our member, Brenda Livermore, has been selected as a finalist for this event.

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Exhibition review: A Little Death

By webmaster

Obviously several members of Primrose Paper Arts had the same idea on the same day, as several of us arrived at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery to see the exhibition at the same time.

Other people came through to see the exhibits including two ladies (to the left of the photo above), one of whom agreed to model one of Mandy’s beautiful paper cloaks.

Spurred on by how great the cloak looked on Heather (above) we persuaded Lou to parade for us in another one.

This had the most amazing textures, so I’ve included a couple of close up pictures to give you an idea.  The entire cloak was quite rigid and deep lines were indented where twisted metal cord was used to form the shape.

Then (how did this happen?) I was nominated to wear Mandy’s third cloak.

I stayed well hidden within the hood!  Again, I’ve included a close-up showing some of the texture in the different sections.  The base paper for this cloak started off as either white, black or green and Mandy coloured where necessary creating a range of blacks for the finished garment.

We’re very lucky that Mandy is leading a Tips & Tricks day on 20th October for us.

She will be demonstrating Joomchi and Shifu (paper string).  Don’t know what that entails?  Well, all three cloaks above are made using the Joomchi method and the red cloak boasts a superb array of Shifu.

The picture here shows a great example of how the ‘string’ turns out and everyone will spend the day creating their own version of both Shifu and Joomchi.  So come and have a fun day and learn from the expert.

Click here for more details and booking form.

**Please note that due to the ongoing refurbishment of our normal venue at Primrose Park you will be informed of the location of this event closer to the day.  No, don’t worry, we won’t be sending you to the outer reaches of Mongolia, it will still be within reach of our usual meeting place.

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Woven Chain Bookbinding class

By Claire Brach

This workshop, taught by Jean Riley, aimed at teaching the method of producing a chain effect woven rigid spine for a book with multiple signatures.  Due to class time constraints Jean had put in an amazing amount of work in advance so we could spend most of the time learning the binding and creating the slip box/cover, as opposed to cutting and covering templates.

So she came with some components ready-prepared (thanks Jean, because I, for one, couldn’t have completed the project in one day otherwise).

In addition to the book construction, Jean demonstrated how to prepare fabric book covers by adhering fabric to a rice-paper backing using wheat paste as an adhesive.  Once dry, the fabric and paper bonded, you have a stiffened surface ready to line with cardboard to create a rigid book cover.

Note: The red arrow below shows the wheat paste.  The consistency was quite thick and it was applied to the rice paper using a pouncing movement so as not to damage, drag or tear the paper.  The fabric was then laid over this.

As if we weren’t learning enough, Jean also managed to squeeze in details of how to make patterned papers using wheat paste, acrylic paint and rubber combs to create swirls and designs.  She had prepared some sheets as samples and also provided some for our inner book covers and fly leaves.

Then we were onto the stitched binding, which entailed 2 needles at the same time – the first time I’ve attempted this.

It was pretty quiet in the room at this point – concentration was all!

Once the stitched spine was complete we worked on the front return, adding a button and elastic fastening.  We lined the inside and started on our book box.  This was constructed from 3mm box board, covered and lined, and, yes, the books fitted perfectly.

A great day and a lovely book project.

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Meroogal Women’s Art Prize

The Meroogal Women’s Art Prize celebrates the creativity and achievements of female artists across NSW, and pays tribute to the four generations of women from the Thorburn and Macgregor families who lived at Meroogal in Nowra for almost 100 years.

Meroogal Historic House

The work of up to 40 artists will be exhibited in the historic house of Meroogal and its garden and grounds, throwing new light on the stories of the people who lived there and the house’s rich collection of objects.

Visitors will be able to take a guided tour of the house and exhibition, and vote for their favourite artwork in the People’s Choice Awards and leave a personal mark on the progressive outdoor installation.

Meroogal Historic House
Corner West & Worrigee Streets
Nowra,  NSW 2541

22 September 2018 – 30 March 2019
More info and opening times: Click here

Webmaster Note: We are pleased to announce our member, Brenda Livermore, has been selected as a finalist and will have her work on show at this event.

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Northern Beaches Art Prize

A huge congratulations to our member, Brenda Livermore, who won second prize in the Waste to Art category in the Northern Beaches Art Prize.

We’re very lucky to have a fabulous photo of the piece, entitled ‘Life’s Journey‘.

Artist Statement:
We become who we are through the unique collection of experiences, scars and adornments of personal experience garnered over a life time.

Webmaster note: Brenda is also a finalist in the upcoming Seed Stitch Collective 2018 Textile Awards exhibition at the Australian Design Centre (5th October – 14th November) and a finalist in the Meroogal Women’s  Art Prize  exhibition at Meroogal historic house, Worrigee Street, Nowra (22nd September 2018  – 30th March 2019) .

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Panel Discussion

Exhibition Event:
Book Artist Panel Discussion


Panizzi Gallery, UOW Library
Keiraville, NSW 2500

Book artist Cindy Tonkin will moderate a panel of bookmaking experts, covering topics such as: the relationship of bookmaking to the visual arts; how do book artists exhibit their work; and the history of bookmaking.

Panellists: Akky Van Ogtrop (curator, art historian and president of the Print Council of Australia), Monica Oppen (book artists and collector), Lucia Parrella (book artist), along with exhibition curators Liz Jeneid (book artist and UOW fellow) and Avril Makula (book designer and book artist).

Date and time: Wednesday 19 September 2018,  12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Click here to attend event.

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Chrissie Cotter Gallery presents ….

Webmaster note: We are delighted that our member Mandy Burgess is participating in this event and a big thanks go to her for providing us with a few image snippets of what you can expect to see at this upcoming exhibition.

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