Announcing our up-coming Tips & Tricks sessions

We are pleased to offer our members 2 new events in the coming months.

Working with plant fibres
Thursday 10th October, 2019


Mark making on paper
Monday 11th November, 2019

Full details, times, how to register and any materials required can be found on our Tips & Tricks page HERE.

Whether you’ve worked with plant fibres to make paper before or not, this is your chance to come along and have a go.  See how to transform plant leaves, stems, grasses and the like into your own unique papers.

This will be a fun (and no doubt busy) day with everyone working on different aspects of plant usage; chopping and preparing plants, boiling, blending or beating & paper formation.

In November Diana will guide us through her methods of creating marks on paper using a variety of media.

The day will end with each person having created their own collection of coloured and patterned sheets ready to use in future projects.  This will be an experimental session which will culminate in a range of wholly unexpected results.  So come along and have an enjoyable day playing around with paints and a range of mark-making tools.

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Focusing on Dr Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura

Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura is exhibiting prints

Wetlanders Exhibition
me gallery, St Leonards
9 – 27 October.
Click here to see more about this exhibition

Jennifer has been a printmaker for over 26 years and has been lecturing in print-media at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University since 2004, Griffith College since 2016 and is also a Flying Arts Alliance facilitator.

J Sanzaro-Nishimura, Declining Red Knots 2, 2018, cyanotype

She was president of Impress Printmakers Studio Brisbane from 2008-14, facilitating their transition into Kedron Substation no 8, now Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, also initiating the Regenerate print portfolio as the inaugural print portfolio for Impress.

Jennifer works across most forms of print-media including, relief, and intaglio, lithography in various forms, monotype, serigraph and digital.  Her practice includes drawing, painting, and design.  She completed her Doctor of Visual Arts degree at QCA in 2013.

Jennifer has completed residencies in Manila, Vanuatu and two in Hawaii and held solo exhibitions in Hawaii, Manila, Philadelphia and Australia.  She is a master printer, has been commissioned to print for Judy Watson and Inkahoots and conducts printmaking workshops for Impress, Toowoomba Art Society, Lines in the Sand and other community groups.

For her, sharing skills and collaboration facilitates understanding between people of all cultures.  She is coordinator and curator of international print exchange exhibitions Vie Du Pacifique-Pacific Life and Vie Du Pacifique II a quadrennial print exchange between countries in and around the Pacific.

J Sanzaro-Nishimura, Red Knots Decline IX Scroll, 2018, serigraph and mixed media

She exhibits regularly in group and solo shows, her work is held in public and private collections nationally and internationally.  She works from her studio Cursing Crows Press and is a founding member of Migaloo Press, a group of Brisbane women artists who collaborate, exhibit and produce projects together at Brisbane Visual Arts Community.

Jennifer will be running a Mokulito (wood lithography) workshop at me gallery on Sunday 27 October.  Click here for more information.

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Sale of art materials and equipment


Geraldine was a passionate artist and teacher, skilled in a variety of media.  She remained active in her art making until a few years ago when dementia took hold.  Geraldine would have wanted all her materials and equipment to find good new homes, where they can continue to be used to create innovative work for years to come.

With this in mind I plan an open day and sale at Cremorne Point so that colleagues, friends and interested artists can have a good look at the range of items available and purchase what they need. The plan is to use proceeds of the sale to help prepare a comprehensive record and exhibition of Geraldine’s work.


WHEN: Saturday 5th October 2019 from 12 midday till 4pm.
WHERE: Paul & Geraldine’s house at 67 Milson Road, Cremorne Point.
WHAT: See the illustrated list of materials and equipment – plus stacks of printmaking papers and other sundry items. Equipment and Material List
HOW: Small items, paper, etc. will have price estimates and will be sold at prices agreed with Paul.  Large items such as presses, rollers, etc. will be sold in a short auction starting at 3pm.
PAYMENT: Payment can be made by EFT, cheque or cash.
COLLECTION: After payment, purchases can be taken on the day, or collected later by arrangement.

QUESTIONS: Email preferred: or text: 0418 461 065
BUT: Please hold your questions to the week before the sale – from 29th September

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Focusing on Jen Conde

Jen Conde is exhibiting prints and artists books

Wetlanders Exhibition
me gallery, St Leonards
9 – 27 October.
Click here to see more about this exhibition

Jen has kindly agreed to tell us more about her art practice and what excites her to create her prints, artists books and drawings.

She writes:

Bird in a Mangrove (Section), Intaglio on rag paper, hand coloured

My prints, artists books and drawings in Wetlanders Exhibition are sourced from my many passages to the islands and waterways of Moreton Bay.  I regularly meet with other artists from Mudlines artist group from the Bay Islands and Migaloo Press on the mainland, drawing, documenting and exploring life in the intertidal zones along the shores of the Bay and its Southern islands.  Inspiration for my work is drawn from understanding this wetland environment and also investigates natural systems and patterns of human connection with the environment.

I have made artists books both for fun and for commissions.  Collaborating with other books artists is a fabulous way to learn and meet other like-minded people who appreciate design and this creative form of expression.  Weeds – Earth and Sea is a two part book made in collaboration with Helen Sanderson from Queensland.  We combined our ideas to make an anthology about weeds after the devastating January 2011 flood in Queensland. Seaweeds from coastal foreshore areas around my home and weed specimens Helen found on her property on the banks of the Brisbane River were used to make images using monoprints and a layered visual effect.  Editions of ‘Weeds’ now reside in the National Library of Australia collection and Redlands Art Gallery Queensland.

Left: Weeds, Eath and Sea by Conde/Sanderson – Gelatin prints, found seaweeds, acrylic paint, bees wax, acetate, digital prints, photocopies – Right: Japanese concertina fold artists book – paper, glue, board, rice paper

Last year I travelled to Japan for an artists tour from Tokyo to Kyoto making paper, visiting paper factories and learning sashiko stitching amongst other things.  The highlight for me was an individual bookbinding workshop with a Japanese master bookbinder outside of Kyoto.  Here I learned the Japanese method to assemble a repeatable concertina insert that can be combined with a number of different covers.

During our exhibition at me gallery, on 17 October I’m running a Japanese Concertina Sketchbook workshop in the artspace.  If you’re interested to learn this technique, tickets can be purchased here.

Webmaster Note: Click here to visit Jen’s website to see more of her art works.

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Members recent work

By Claire Brach:

Primrose Paper Arts has arranged quite a few events recently; the AGM (which is always a lot more than just the formalities), social days, Special Interest days and another get together held at a venue more in reach for some of our southern members who don’t get up to Primrose Park very often – if at all.

I took my camera along and recorded some of the art pieces our members have been working on.  Here is a selection of what everyone has been doing.

Peter had all his supplies (including his guillotine!) and was making books and I was collaging tissue paper to create a sheet for a new hard-cover book.

Lou and Ang were stitching with paper yarn.

Rosemary brought her embossed handmade paper, while Annette showed us her stitched pieces that will end up as book covers.  I especially liked the text hidden between the layers (close-up above).

We got the chance to flick through two of Diana’s beautiful books, and it’s not just the covers that are stunning.  Here are a few of her pages.  Mouth wateringly lovely.

Our southern Sydney get together had a group of us (under the careful guidance of Jill) making some amazing folded books and photos of those will be coming shortly.

Webmaster Note: Keep your eye on our up-coming blog posts as we are thrilled that Diana Brandt will be sharing some of her mark-making skills with us at our November Tips & Tricks day.  Details coming soon.

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Elaine Witton: A Variation

By Elaine Witton:

Being a calligrapher, I wanted to explore the ways that a letter can change its form, from formal lettering to freeform designs.  This piece, based on the traditional form of a Palm Leaf book, contains variations of the letter A.

It is now in the collection of the Paper and Book Art Museum at the Ege University in Izmir, Turkey.

They wanted to extend their collection and asked for donations of three-dimensional objects.  I offered them my Palm Leaf Book which they accepted.


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Exhibition: Love your work

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