With only an A4 sheet of paper ……

We had an excellent turn out for our Tips & Tricks day on Thursday, where the aim was to explore what creations people could come up with using just simple A4 paper.

Janet had some seriously lairy paper (British dictionary def: gaudy or flashywebmaster note; you just can’t beat the word lairy when there’s something in front of you which really does necessitate wearing sunglasses!) which turned out to be very useful when trying to work out where the folds go and how to overlap the sheets to make a simple, no-glue, no-cut box.

Jill had an interesting idea using a square sheet.  It consisted of folding four sections, rotating the piece as we went, with each section interlocking with the next.

Actually, to be fair, I’ve no idea of the correct way to fold this but while Jill helped Sunny, Michele and I tried to work it out.  We managed but via a very long-winded route.

There were books aplenty; stitched, bound, folded, joined and cut.

Rhonda and Michele took on the challenge of a lovely narrow folded box using the original paper pattern.  After much concentration and, by working together, they figured it out.

Everyone participated and shared their skills and materials (even with those of us who arrived totally unprepared and without enough base products to even get going).

Using Janet’s template and a bit of guidance Mandy formed a folded ‘envelope’ with concertina accent.

One or two things remained to be resolved by the time we broke for the day.  Possibly reading the instructions in the books available as opposed to muddling through might have helped but, hey, where’s the fun in that?  We had a great time using our problem solving skills to learn new ways of working with paper.

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Newcastle Stitches & Craft Show

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Sew it, bead it, knit it, paint it, stamp it.  Make it!

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For lovers of all things paper related the talented Michelle Lackenby from Paperazzi Design Studio will have plenty to share with visitors.  Her studio specialises in papercrafts, origami, bookbinding and handmade/marbling papers, and also runs numerous workshops.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

At the fair, on Friday 17th August, Michelle will be teaching paper flower making.  The craft show website describes the class as follows:

If you are interested in attending please click here to book.

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Exhibition: Landscape Dialogues

Solo Painting Exhibition – Basia Zielinska

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Three-dimensional paper doodling

Danish artist HuskMitNavn is a painter, muralist, and compulsive doodler who creates clever three-dimensional drawings. The simple constructions are made from paper and pen, and depict cartoon characters in humorous situations.

HuskMitNavn says “The idea is to make it very simple only using A4 size paper and a pen. No scissors or glue”.

The artist has a whole range of fun and innovative ripped drawings on Instagram

And a lot more cross-media work on his website

Source and more photos:

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Printing on handmade paper

Our member Claire has been printing on some of her handmade paper.  She says:

“Although I enjoy creating paper from a variety of materials including plant fibres, old mountboard, teabags and so on, my favourite is always from offcuts of failed prints.  As an avid printmaker I’m constantly paying out for expensive commercially made paper.  When my prints don’t come out well I hate to waste the paper, so I cut away the white or cream surround and recycle it into new sheets ready to re-use.  I also save the printed sections and recycle those separately, making a variety of coloured papers.”

Here are a few of her latest linocut prints on recycled ‘print surround’ paper.  She has mixed numerous pulps together including BFK Reeves, Stonehenge, Hahnemuhle, Chinese cotton and various lightweight Japanese papers.  Depending on the mix before pulling the sheets the papers are a range of pure white through to creamy ivory.

Click here to view her full series of prints and drawings.

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Exhibition: Music Box

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery
Gate 7, 1666 Pacific Highway, Wahroonga

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

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Exhibition: Bloodlines & Coastlines

Bloodlines and Coastlines – Gai-mariagal Festival Exhibition

inTransit Art Space
200 Miller Street
North Sydney

Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, until 9 August

This exhibition showcases ceramics and works on paper by Yaegl artist Jessica Birk and Bradfield Senior College students in celebration of ancestry, place and legacy.

Through art-making and song artist Jessica Birk and musician Michael Birk shared cultural knowledge with students, guiding them in their creation of artworks inspired by the personal story of Barangaroo and their own creativity. The student’s works will be exhibited alongside Jessica Birk’s artwork Bloodlines and Coastlines which North Sydney Council has recently acquired for its collection.

This project has been made possible through a partnership between artist Jessica Birk, Bradfield Senior College, the 2018 Gai-mariagal Festival and North Sydney Council.


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