Rosemary Christmas

bas-reliefAfter  teaching in high school, libraries, and theology degrees in the 1980s it was not until the 1990s that I became interested in practicing art.

Wanting to keep away from more academic  studies, I chose to select courses at the National Art School, Julian Ashton School, Bathurst Summer School, Australian Chinese Painting Society, Warringah Print Studio, Primrose Paper Arts and various art and Chinese calligraphy and brush painting centres, along with numerous other selected workshops.

Several artist group painting excursions  to Central Australia, Kakadu and the Kimberley were especially enriching.


All of these interchanges with other artists inspired an interest which developed in discursive ways, as every available medium was experimented with over the years.

Chinese brush painting and calligraphy were appreciated for the use of space and gestural strokes and the concept of depicting between the real and the unreal, exploring the spiritual through a holistic interpretation of eastern form and western sensibility.

below-the-surfacePrintmaking and paper making extended the possibilities in unexpected ways with different processes and outcomes.  Fibres made into paper combined with other elements has a textural presence I find rewarding in itself.

I enjoy the multiple choice of mediums  in which images can be taken further in the imagination and given new meaning.  The challenge of  perceiving things  in a different way by the combination of textures, colours and lines which change the mood is an ongoing discovery.

So artmaking to me is a continual discovery and adventure to see what emerges.

I have exhibited annually with the Mosman Art Gallery, Warringah Print Studio, Primrose Paper Arts, Australian Chinese Painting Society and in numerous local galleries.