Robert Ives

As a printmaker, I work in many print mediums including etching, woodcut, lithography and mono printing. I also like to draw and have a background in sculpture and silversmithing.

Fashion print in paper frame

In 2016 to reignite my passion for paper making, I joined Primrose Paper Arts Inc. having not had an opportunity to dip my hands in paper pulp since art school.

I now enjoy expressing my thoughts through sculpture and mould making, using my own hand made paper.

Plaster mould and drawing for cast paper Roman Toga

After visiting Italy in 2016 and seeing all the wonderful Roman sculptures I started making some moulds for casting Roman Togas in paper.

I enjoyed two overseas residencies in recent years, one at Kulturwerk Des BBK Berlin and the other at  Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier (AGA) working in print studios and meeting other international artists which always bring new thoughts and inspiration. Whilst in Amsterdam I made five etching plates from collages about both the city and world events.  I finished printing these back in Australia using masking techniques I had developed in Berlin the previous year.

Working towards a solution

The wonderful thing I like about art is the more you learn and experience the greater the diversity your art takes on.

Pulp postal card for IAPMA challenge

I majored in printmaking at the East Sydney Tech (National Art School). After winning the Waverley Art Prize 1992 (Print Prize) I was invited to teach printmaking at the Waverley Woollahra Art School and have been taking classes ever since.   My motto is “Art is my Love. Teaching is my Joy”.

Over the last 30 years I have practiced and shared my skills at Waverley Woollahra Art School (WWAS), Ku ring gai Community Art Centre, Workshop Art Centre Willoughby (WAC) and more recently at Pine Street Creative Art Centre, enjoying the creative collaboration and environment in each.