Melissa Harvey

I am a Sydney based artist who grew up on a dairy farm on the Far North coast of NSW.  An experience which continues to inform my life and art practice.  Sights, sounds, smells and textures I encounter daily in the inner west of Sydney resonate and rekindle memories.

I predominantly work with cotton pulp as my medium, which is sourced from second hand cotton clothing and domestic cloth.  The pulp medium is made through a beating process, which occurs in a machine called a Hollander.  The cotton pulp medium is sprayed onto wall surfaces and silk screens with a compressor and a mortar sprayer to create site specific installations and large scale sculptural paper works.

Street Pulp, 2019

In this milling process there is a transformation from the familiar relationship between my physical body, place and clothes to another condition.  This transformation asserts that the material language used to create the art object is not comprised of a neutral generic social body, but one that stores or evokes memories through its specific history and past use.

Dark Matter, 2017

I have had many solo and group exhibitions.  Most recent was an exhibition called ‘Possibilities’.  It was on display at Our Neon Foe, a not-for-profit collective and artist run initiative.  Possibilities was in its third week of a four-week display period, with weekly changeovers.  The third changeover unpredictably became the last for the exhibition with the closure of the gallery due to COVID- 19.

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