Louise Gilchrist


Above: Beyond The Forest, Botanically dyed papers, bees-wax, twigs.

As a paper maker I am continually experimenting with pulps which I make from both recycled paper and a variety of plant fibres.


I am interested in a design process that pushes the boundaries of how paper can be both manipulated and combined with other mediums and items, such as fabric, bees-wax and even rusted wire.

LEFT: Rose (detail), Handmade paper from recycled, acrylic paint, wire.


RIGHT: Seed Paper Silk 2 (detail), Handmade paper, silk, thread, exotic & native seeds, wax.

The process is very tactile.  It’s extremely time-consuming, but tremendously satisfying when it all responds in the way that you had anticipated and hoped for!

I am essentially inspired by nature, exploring ideas of fragility and impermanence, together with pattern shape and form.  My works are created in groups and are also unique individual pieces.


LEFT: Podcast, Handmade kozo, RIGHT: Creatures of the Night 1, Handmade kozo, bone, ink, wax.