Claire Brach


Handmade silk paper, embossed coloured, collaged & stitched

I have always loved stitching and I started my creative life learning embroidery, creative stitching and all things textiles.

In 2010 I took a 4 year journey studying textiles more formally by distance education.  During this period I was introduced to the art of printmaking and after a slow start and many struggles I realised I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more, and to improve my techniques and range of skills.


Lotus Pods, Collagraph, oil-based ink on Arches 88 paper

It seemed like a natural progression to start exploring the types of paper I use when printing, to see the effects inks have on different surfaces, thicknesses, colours and paper fibres.

This brought me to wanting to make my own paper, start using it more creatively than just printing on it and learning what makes a good sheet of paper.  Joining Primrose Paper Arts has given me the opportunity to use a vast array of equipment in a professional setting and to work with other like-minded people.  This has enabled me to widen the scope of my paper making activities, explore unusual materials such as denim and plant fibres and branch into sculptural pieces and book-making.



Above clockwise from top left: 1) Papier mâché bowl using recycled Japanese rice paper. 2) Scrim and plant fibre molded vessel with beading. 3) Torn Japanese tissue, builders scrim, stencilling and paint.

These days I work almost exclusively with paper.  I use both commercially available paper and I make my own (continuing to learn as I experiment): I sculpt it, print on it, stitch into it, dye it and I form some into unique artist books.


Above clockwise from top left: 1) Eco-dyed water-colour paper with iron sulphate. 2) Two layer reduction lino print with chine collé, handmade pages from recycled Kozo paper. 3) The Book of Failed Prints, various papers bound with recycled BFK Reeves handmade into new paper. 4) Handmade Nepalese papers formed into Codex book with concertina and stitched inserts. 5) Handmade Belgian bound book.

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