Bonnie Lipman

Travel has always been an important part of my life and that’s really all I wanted to do when I was still at school, so at the age of 20 I set off on a 3 month world trip on my own.

It gave me a real taste for more and I was lucky that my secretarial background allowed me to work in a few European countries when my husband and I travelled over there in 1974.  A year in Brussels and then 2 years in Holland working at the British Embassy in The Hague were fabulous and in 1975, on a whim, Mike and I bought an old rundown farmhouse in a tiny village in the Auvergne region of France.  We lived there for a year doing it up and had some incredible experiences, but I did miss the warmth and sun from home. We owned it for 10 years, but it became too hard with 2 small children to raise in Oz and with finances tight.

I started to create smallish travel journals in about 2009. They got bigger as I enjoyed it so much and I started to do a few sketches mixed in with other paraphernalia.

I’ve always loved doing crafty things; making Xmas decorations for our young children, or needlework when we were living through those cold European winters.  Since retiring I’ve done a few years of print making courses at Laurel Street Art Centre, Willoughby and I joined Primrose Paper Arts in 2017 after seeing one of their exhibitions in the Botanic Gardens, where I met Claire (a PPA member).  I love everyone’s creativity and inclusiveness and whenever I attend it’s always a joy to see what everyone is doing. It is all so relaxed, and everyone is just hanging out and having fun.

Re my travel books; I do like to include some photos as well, but my printer is pretty basic and doesn’t print in colour. However, I have found that by adding a very light touch of watercolour it gives a rather nice painterly feel to the shots.  If you look at my photo of Molfetta, Italy (next to the painted palm tree below) you will see what I mean, also the Greek Bougainvillea shot too.

My lockdown pursuits (during the Covid 19 pandemic):  card making for PPA, gardening, reading, walking, crosswords and catching up at night on TV shows.  Also some virtual drinks with friends via FaceTime/Zoom are fun.