Basia Zielinska

My association with paper making has been very intermittent, but also very exciting.  I was most fortunate to attend workshops with Jill Ellis and the late Marie Waterhouse a few years ago, and absolutely love the process of making paper.

I attended the truly inspiring International IAPMA convention in Burnie, Tasmania and continue to be fascinated by the many properties of handmade paper, which I get to see regularly through the works of Primrose Paper makers.

During more recent times I find myself using my rapidly dwindling stash of handmade papers as collage elements in some of my art works.  Whilst  I continue to be Artist in Residence at Primrose Park, I am dedicating my time to exploring and enriching my painting experience.

When I make an artwork, I intuitively respond to the world around me and to my internal, emotional journey.

My pieces often have many layers and personal symbols.  Art making is a mysterious process.

When I begin an artwork I do not have an agenda, a plan and therefore absolutely no knowledge of the outcome, trusting where my creative process will take me.  I make material choices and my palette can be rich and vibrant or very limited.

My achievements include:

  • Finalist:
    • North Sydney Art Prize, The Fischer Ghost Art Prize, Hunter’s Hill Art Prize
  • Participation in group art events:
    • Mosman Gallery Friends, Cambelltown  Arts Centre Friends, Royal Easter Show, North Sydney Council “Sense of Place” exhibition and inTransit exhibition “Re use”, Primrose Art Residency artists  Exhibition “Parked”
  • 2017 Solo exhibition “Landscape Conversations”
  • 2016 & 2017 Artist in Residence:
    • Primrose Park Artist Studios

In 2013 I committed to a serious art practice and these days my art making is a very intimate, passionate, serious part of my life.

In addition, my daughter Julia and I teach art to children, during school holidays, through Art Box Workshops.

I make art because I absolutely have to – and I value my membership with Primrose Paper makers.

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Images provided by the artist.  All artworks contain collaged handmade paper.