Focusing on Naomi Kobayashi

Born in 1945, Japanese artist Naomi Kobayashi uses material such as Japanese paper, cotton and paper thread to create installations that speak of cycles of life, death and regeneration.

Her education includes 4 years (1965-1969) studying textile printing and weaving at Musashino Art University and using her skills in these areas she applies them to her works by weaving and at times with shredded paintings and texts.

Naomi Kobayashi, Cube White & Red, Japanese paper, paper thread, mirror,
2.5” x 10.5” x 10.5” each, 2014

The interpretation of stillness highlights her concern with the ongoing cycles of life, and other works are representational of the link between cosmos and everyday life.

Naomi Kobayashi, Distance #113 & #114 (no further credit found)

She continues to create works with depth and substance to further illustrate the irony of life such as the positive and negative, and the unspoken.

Naomi Kobayashi, Untitled, kayori thread, paper, 99″ x 54″ x 5″ (x2), 2006

See more of her installations by clicking on the links below.
Many thanks to our member, Dinah, for bringing this artist to our attention.

Resources: including artist bio

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  1. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    This is so stunning. I love her work.


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