June Social Day

This week saw us back in the studio face-to-face although still social-distancing.  The turnout was amazing, everyone looked delighted to finally be returning to some semblance of normality.

Diana brought her latest book, a mix of handmade and commercial paper, with her own handwriting and imagery throughout.  You can get a closer look at this at our upcoming exhibition in July/August.

Patricia, new to papermaking, had some of her handmade paper with some lovely inclusions.

Bonnie recycled some waste paper from her printmaking.

She tore up a variety of pieces and soaked them well before putting the pieces through the blender.  When I (webmaster) went to see what she was up to and take some photos I was surprised to see that she still had a lot of pieces that hadn’t blended into usable pulp.

We picked up a couple and tore them in half, finding that the water hadn’t penetrated through to the centre of the paper.

This is a common issue when recycling heavyweight printing paper.  These papers are designed to soak in water to soften them and make them more malleable before etching or drypoint printing, using printing inks.  However, they don’t react the same way as watercolour paper, which soaks up water almost like blotting paper, and some print paper brands with very smooth finishes contain a substantial amount of ‘size’ which resists water penetration.

Concertina books and card making were also in evidence, with Syd showing us another of her jelly fish creations, and many others working on their individual projects.

It was good to see so many members and so much creativity going on.

About primrosepaperarts

Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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2 Responses to June Social Day

  1. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    It was great to see so many happy faces and to be able to talk to each other and see what everyone was doing.

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  2. dibrandt030 says:

    Thank you to Claire and Dinah for all the work you have done in keeping us together as a group through times when we couldn’t physically meet…


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