Review: Online T&T 3

Eucalyptus oil print transfer

This was a challenge for some of our members and would probably work better face-to-face with Sue.


I’ve tried a number of methods of transferring photos and struggled with most of them. Sue’s clear directions made this process with the eucalyptus oil seem much easier.  Then to have her video as well to show exactly her methodology was great.  It obviously needs a lot of practice to get the lovely results that Sue has but at least I did get some results from my first try.  I think Sue needs to come down to Sydney and take us through it.

A few things that I noticed as I played : black and white photocopies didn’t work; I found that some of my handmade paper didn’t work; I needed to use a wooden spoon rather than a bone folder; the colours and shapes in the photo are very important (as Sue mentioned). I included the Opera House photo here to show the colours that weren’t transferred (yellow and green).

I was surprised how well the giraffe print worked – this is our new baby at Taronga Zoo (only 5 months old).

Thank you Sue for a great T&T.


I found this very difficult and couldn’t get my image to transfer.  Dinah might have a point about the transfer working better on some papers than others.  Certainly my handmade recycled print paper didn’t work well.

I got my husband to have a go and he achieved a bit more.  We noticed that Sue seemed to be pressing and pushing quite hard on the video, so Philippe was much rougher than I.  In fact he wore through his original image.

We alternated between using wooden spoons and bone folders.  Looking at Sue’s video I see she worked on plant fibre paper, whereas I was using cotton rag.  I wonder whether that made a difference?

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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5 Responses to Review: Online T&T 3

  1. dibrandt030 says:

    Hello ladies. I think your transfers look lovely actually. In my opinion it looks more interesting to have the print incomplete with vague edges. Makes it look really old and to an onlooker, the mystery would be… on earth did you do it..
    If you want perfect, maybe a photo is better…
    That’s just what I think though..

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  2. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    Sue, based on both our experiences – if you want more colour / detail do you add more eucalyptus oil or do you rub harder? Does the age of the print make any difference to the result? Your T&T was great. Thank you. Dinah

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    • Sue Bradshaw says:

      A bit of both Dinah, rubbing with the pointed end of the bone folder works the best for fine detail and if you add more oil it will force the colour out but can then blur the image as the toner can become a slurry. Unfortunately sometimes no matter how hard you rub or how much oil you add it just doesn’t work that well. In these cases walking away from it and trying another image or type of paper is the best thing to do. I also should have mentioned that it’s best to only use one image per print as if you’re successful there won’t be enough toner left for a subsequent one.

      Great results and congratulations for sticking with it! I think Claire is right, plant fibre seems to work the best (it was the reason I tried the technique in the first place), although the card stock you recommended Dinah works really well too. I’ll be supplying some more prints as my contribution to cards for the Incinerator display and also there’s lots of printing in my UNFOLDING piece!

      I’d love to come down and share this technique in the new studio! I’m interested next in combining images on the same piece of paper and we could all try that together. It will involve masking some of the paper during the first transfer and then transferring the second image to those places, not sure how to do that yet!


      • Claire B says:

        I’m going to have another go on some plant fibre paper and see if I can get better results.
        You’ll have to let us know when you’re coming down, Sue, so we can arrange a time to do this together.

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  3. Claire B says:

    Ditto the questions Dinah has asked but I used quite a bit of oil and it didn’t work. I suspect the type of paper you use has a big effect. I’ll definitely give this another go with different paper. Thanks for introducing us to this, Sue. With practice and a range of materials to try I’m sure my results will be better.

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