Still suffering a shortage of toilet paper?

Then make your own . . .

Carriage House Paper offer their insight into what to consider before getting started, how to assess the type of paper you’re after; sizing, thickness, degree of softness, even perfume and printed imagery.

Roll of toilet paper made from pineapple fibre by Asao Shimura

If you’re feeling like giving it a try, then you first need pen and paper to calculate usage.  Whilst that is likely to be different for each of us  Carriage House Paper includes some fascinating statistics.

Unquestionably, during these difficult times, making your own toilet paper is a pastime we should all definitely be considering!  Once perfected, you may even considering selling your excess …….

Webmaster note: I’m especially enthused by a comment on the Carriage House Paper site from a guy called Steve who proposes recycling egg cartons, mail and the like.  He suggests pouring the pulp on to a bed sheet placed on a window or sliding door screen until dry, then cut to size.  I assume he means uninstalled windows or door screens so they can be laid flat.  However, considering the sheer madness of this topic who knows!

You MUST CLICK HERE to read the full article.  Enjoy this little ‘amuse tête’.

PPA Note: We would like to thank our member Chris for bringing this essential topic to our attention during these trying times.

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3 Responses to Still suffering a shortage of toilet paper?

  1. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    You must read the original article from Carriage House – so funny. Thanks for sharing Chris.

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