Review: Online T&T 2

Simple printmaking at home

Looks like everyone had fun with this challenge.  Here are a selection of the submissions.

Elaine:  ‘Winged Goddess’ – Silver printing ink on black Canson Mi-tientes paper

Bonnie says:  My first print is way too dark and then I got a better image that I did a smidge of watercolour on.

The second plate (below) already had ridges & lines (a sushi container!) so the colour added some variations.

I thought this (below) turned out quite interesting when I was was getting off the black acrylic paint from my jelly plate.

Dinah says:  This was fun – so easy to prepare the plate and make the prints – and I could do it all at the kitchen bench.  However, as I’m not a printmaker, I had a bit to learn about getting the plate prepared properly and the inking right.  If only we could have been doing this face to face at the studio !!!  When we get back I’ll be trying again with assistance at my elbow.

The first thing I learnt is that the depth of the drawing on the plate is important – at first I was too “gentle” and nothing printed off.  The next thing was the amount of ink that I put on the plate – I still haven’t got that one right.  In some cases it was too much – see photo – and sometimes uneven.  I’m not sure if this was the inking or the printing.

I made three plates and had fun printing them and made lots of prints, and a few of them were OK.  I then used watercolour pencils to colour some, and markers to colour others.
Thank you for introducing me to another easy and fun way to decorate my paper.


Claire:  Jack in the garden.  I couldn’t get a solid coverage no matter how many times I tried, possibly because I used Flow acrylics that might be too liquid for this type of project.

Like Dinah said, I’ll be retrying this in a PPA face-to-face setting to find out what I’m doing wrong.



We hope everyone enjoyed this challenge.  We will be bringing you another Tips & Tricks session over the coming weeks, so check back frequently.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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3 Responses to Review: Online T&T 2

  1. dibrandt030 says:

    Lovely prints… wish I could try but as I have carpetted floors and everything whit white, I can only do dry works until my studio is available again…


  2. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    What a great group of prints. I think this one needs practice to get it right !!! Thank you to those who participated and shared their results and their methods.


  3. Claire B says:

    That was fun but I definitely need some help to improve my prints. Brenda, looks like you are on the hook for a lesson in printing with polystyrene trays.


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