Beginners Papermaking Workshop

Last Thursday found us at the studio introducing a very creative family to the art of papermaking.  Mum, Marina, has done numerous crafts with her children and she brought them along for 3 hours of fun with paper pulp.

Jill got them started by explaining the equipment, how the pulp is made and how to create sheets; plain, patterned, hole effects, embossing, with inclusions and coloured pulp painted designs.  She had a range of finished pieces as samples and went through the different methods of achieving the results.

Above: some of Jill’s samples

This family was on the ball.  We only had to show them once, watch them pull their first sheet and they were away.

With the weather holding up, once pressed, the sheets were rolled onto boards and dried outside.

And here are some of the results.

If you are interested in arranging a 3 hour introduction to papermaking, either for a group of adults or children (or a mix), please contact us to arrange a date and time.

Photos by Claire B with permission of the parent.

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4 Responses to Beginners Papermaking Workshop

  1. Peter says:

    Well done all.

    Sorry I could not be there but health now improving thankfully.




  2. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    Wow, they certainly are a creative family aren’t they. Well done to the family and the PPAI team.


    • Claire B says:

      The great thing about youngsters is that they don’t stress about what they’re doing. There’s no worrying over whether a piece should look like this or that. They just play and get on with it. Very liberating for we adults who agonize over every little thing, trying to ensure it will look ‘right’. They gave me a lesson in loosening up.


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