North Sydney Children’s Creative Festival 2019

In conjunction with the above festival Primrose Paper Arts offered a day of paper exploration; making, manipulation & mobiles, folding, colouring and mask-making.

The turn-out was amazing with children and adults alike having a great time.  In fact, it was hard to get the kids near the aeroplane construction area as their Dads were intent on making the most aerodynamic models possible.  A bit of a competition happening there I think.

The centre was set with many work-stations for the children to visit and try something new, and most of them went and explored every one, leaving with a hand-full of their own paper creations.

Here’s a taster of how the day went and what the children made.

Of course, who could come to the centre and not make their own paper to take home?  Thanks to our member, Jill, we had several colours of pulp to choose from and many embellishments for the children to incorporate into their own designs.  Here’s the step-by-step process:

And a few finished pieces:

Using postcards as book covers Brenda guided the children through how to create their own book with stitched binding.

Helen prepared the basic components and it was left to the children (and sometimes also their parents) to decorate, construct and get them twirling!

Lydia prepared dinosaur templates to be coloured and assembled and Rhonda led the charge on the paper plane making.  As I said, this part really drew the Dads.

Mandy demonstrated some origami which turned into an opening and closing eye.  The children looked at photos of animal eyes, then drew them and folded their paper to create  amazing effects.

Michelle had some clever animal bookmarks on show and her table was soon full of children and parents.  It seems that ‘real’ books are still popular (take that, you kindle readers!) and everyone needs a bookmark.

Lou was under the gun with a variety of animal masks for the children to colour, construct and wear.  Everyone seemed to be involved; Lou, the children AND their parents.  There wasn’t a child who didn’t want to go home without their very own handmade mask.

Dinah guided the children through the process of folding paper, dipping a folded sheet into paints and making some wonderful patterns.  So everyone rolled up sleeves and cloths were on hand when needed.  The children were so careful, they listened and understood the instructions and made some fantastic designs.  With the weather hot and the sun shining these artworks were soon dry and ready to take home.

Well, what have I missed out?  There’s sure to be something but this gives you an idea of the activities we, as a group, offer children on days dedicated to their enjoyment and creative fun.

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