Information and images supplied by PPA member Robert Ives

Robert has just spent some time in London doing 4 days printing at the londonprintstudio and, in his free time, visiting galleries and art institutions.  For those who don’t know anything about londonprintstudio here is a short exerpt from their website:

londonprintstudio is an artist-run, not-for-profit artists studio, workspace, publisher and gallery based in West London.  With traditional printmaking equipment as well as a digital studio, there is a gallery for hire, a wide range of courses, access to specialist technicians and large format printing.  londonprintstudio works with artists, community organisations, galleries, educational institutions and the public.
Creative collaboration is at the heart of the studio’s practice.

Quite honestly, it looks like an amazing place.

Robert sent the following images of pieces from exhibitions he saw during his visit.  He writes:

At the Barbican “Into the night” explores the social and artistic role of cabarets, cafes, and clubs in modern art across the world – New York to Tehran 1880 to 1960.  Wonderful opportunity to see graphic works by a lot of famous artists of that time.

Aaron Douglas Dance 1930 gouache  Cabarets and Clubs.

The Royal Academy has a large survey show of Antony Gormley, his sculpture and lots of drawings that illustrate his working method.  Here is one of his Australian outback drawings when he was working there in 1998.

Antony Gormley from an outback Australian drawing, reflection as it was under glass.

This Korean artist shows how he has used paper to express calligraphy.

Kwon Young-woo was a pioneering and influential Tansaekhwa artist.  “Tansaekhwa” literally means “monochrome painting” and refers to a group of post-Korean War South Korean artists who largely created abstract paintings in neutral tones.  In working solely with paper and manipulating its material qualities, Kwon challenged the notion that paper was a support for painting.  In this painting, Kwon moulded the paper to “write” the Korean alphabet within a grid.  He starts with the consonants in the upper right corner following the traditional reading direction of top to bottom, right to left.

Portrait Gallery Gauguin exhibition showing his portraits, self, and many other people during his career in many places; Paris, Copenhagen, Brittany, Arles, and Polynesia.  He adopted different personas and thought of himself as ‘a savage’.  He was of Peruvian descent.

Paul  Gauguin, Self Portrait with Manao tupapau.

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