Focusing on Ann Martin

Ann Martin of All Things Paper is a quilling enthusiast who loves introducing the craft to others.  She teaches, designs projects for books and magazines, and is especially hooked on making paper filigree jewellery.

Her own book (shown below), published in September 2017, shows how to turn metallic-edged papers into stunning and sturdy earrings and pendants through step-by-step illustrations with detailed tutorials on rolling coils, scrolls, and other unique quilled shapes.

Her website is a treasure trove of DIY give-aways, tutorials and super-interesting blog posts highlighting a wide range of paper arts.  I particularly like her ‘PAPER ART’ tab where she showcases the works of other artists across a wide spectrum of paper-related skills; folded book sculptures, rolled paper jewellery, intricate paper cutting, paper orbs, collages and much more.

Head over to All Things Paper and enjoy wandering through the different sections.


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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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