Focusing on Jen Conde

Jen Conde is exhibiting prints and artists books

Wetlanders Exhibition
me gallery, St Leonards
9 – 27 October.
Click here to see more about this exhibition

Jen has kindly agreed to tell us more about her art practice and what excites her to create her prints, artists books and drawings.

She writes:

Bird in a Mangrove (Section), Intaglio on rag paper, hand coloured

My prints, artists books and drawings in Wetlanders Exhibition are sourced from my many passages to the islands and waterways of Moreton Bay.  I regularly meet with other artists from Mudlines artist group from the Bay Islands and Migaloo Press on the mainland, drawing, documenting and exploring life in the intertidal zones along the shores of the Bay and its Southern islands.  Inspiration for my work is drawn from understanding this wetland environment and also investigates natural systems and patterns of human connection with the environment.

I have made artists books both for fun and for commissions.  Collaborating with other books artists is a fabulous way to learn and meet other like-minded people who appreciate design and this creative form of expression.  Weeds – Earth and Sea is a two part book made in collaboration with Helen Sanderson from Queensland.  We combined our ideas to make an anthology about weeds after the devastating January 2011 flood in Queensland. Seaweeds from coastal foreshore areas around my home and weed specimens Helen found on her property on the banks of the Brisbane River were used to make images using monoprints and a layered visual effect.  Editions of ‘Weeds’ now reside in the National Library of Australia collection and Redlands Art Gallery Queensland.

Left: Weeds, Eath and Sea by Conde/Sanderson – Gelatin prints, found seaweeds, acrylic paint, bees wax, acetate, digital prints, photocopies – Right: Japanese concertina fold artists book – paper, glue, board, rice paper

Last year I travelled to Japan for an artists tour from Tokyo to Kyoto making paper, visiting paper factories and learning sashiko stitching amongst other things.  The highlight for me was an individual bookbinding workshop with a Japanese master bookbinder outside of Kyoto.  Here I learned the Japanese method to assemble a repeatable concertina insert that can be combined with a number of different covers.

During our exhibition at me gallery, on 17 October I’m running a Japanese Concertina Sketchbook workshop in the artspace.  If you’re interested to learn this technique, tickets can be purchased here.

Webmaster Note: Click here to visit Jen’s website to see more of her art works.

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1 Response to Focusing on Jen Conde

  1. Sandra Pearce says:

    I can highly recommend Jen’s workshop to make the Japanese concertina book – its the first totally straight and accurate concertina book I’ve ever made! The technique is simple but magical, you’ll never make concertina books any other way again. 🙂


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