Exhibition: Chaos and Order

24th July to 11th August 2019
Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

Sunday, 28th July
2 – 4pm Drinks and conversation
Sunday, 11th August
2 – 3pm Artists’ talks

The artists of Studio 29B (Rhonda Nelson, Anthea Boesenberg and Anna Russell) invite you to experience ways of decoding chaos and deconstructing pattern.

How do our minds interpret images that don’t have readily identifiable subject matter?  We tend to seek order within the chaos, to search for patterns which will help us find meaning within the work.  This enables us to relate to what we see.

The artists’ shared background is in printmaking.  The natural world is their inspiration in all its order and chaos.  Media includes relief and intaglio, monotype, and 3D work including ceramics (in collaboration with ceramicist Felicity Hall).

Although working independently, the artists of Studio 29B have found sharing a studio to be a rich and sustaining experience: Curiosity engages us and trust underpins what we learn from each other.  We incline to experimentation and find feedback invaluable for the risks we take – we might ask each other whether a piece is overworked, or whether it has been made to blossom.

**Throughout the exhibition visitors will be provided with an opportunity to make order out of chaos and chaos out of order.

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Webmaster note: We are delighted to have Rhonda Nelson as a member of Primrose Paper Arts and to see her work in this very innovative exhibition.

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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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2 Responses to Exhibition: Chaos and Order

  1. rhonda@nelpac.net says:

    Thank you Claire, It looks great.



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