PPA Workshop Report

By Dinah Beeston

Colour, Composition and Collage Workshop with Claire Brach

Did you know that red is the first colour wave that reaches our eyes, and yellow is the most vibrant colour wave?  These were a few of the things we covered in the first section of Claire’s workshop.

We started off looking at a limited colour wheel and the difference between the cool and warm colours and the effect of mixing them up.  We left the workshop with two sheets of little boxes showing the different effects of these mixes – red + yellow gave four different oranges; red + blue gave two different purples and two browns; blue + yellow gave four very different greens – and the sheets are a great reference point.

We discussed colours and the effect they have on our feelings, and the effect they could have on someone looking at our work.  This is important when we are putting colours together in our works and how we want viewers to look at our piece.  Then we discussed the value of colours which will guide us into what colours will dominate in our work.

Next stop was Composition looking at the focal point and focal interest; touching on the Golden Mean which is a fascinating concept.

Collage was next and we had great fun doing the exercises.  The first exercise was to look at a picture we liked and understand how much of each colour there was and the mix of them.  This again is a great resource for future work.

The next exercise was a collage that I started and three others helped me finish which produced some very interesting results.  Claire then showed us how we could use this result as a base that we could work on to produce a work.

I enjoyed this workshop so much. I learnt lots of things, had other things reinforced, and left with a number of reference items for future use.  And I had lots of fun!

There was a lot of information but it was ordered and presented simply.  Claire is a great tutor – very organised and prepared, started and finished right on time – and so willing to share.

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