PPA: In the studio

Our new studio was busy on Monday with several members making paper using the new press.  Dinah had the Holland beater in action, churning and pulping denim.  She produced a huge bucket of pulp which we eagerly dipped into.

However, before any paper was created a use was found for the foam formed from the action of the beater and the washing powder left in the fabric after cleaning the jeans (which was done several times I understand).

Plain white sheets of paper were carefully pressed into the foam and left to dry, forming a ‘bubbly’ pattern across the surface made from denim flecks.

Once Susie had her sheets on the press bed Jill ensured the levers were in the correct position to enable the machine to maintain the pressure as the water was squeezed out.

Jennifer worked with both Lomandra fibre and denim for her paper, while Claire stuck with plain white recycled cotton rag off-cuts.

Jennifer’s denim paper was embossed with patterned cloth.  Jill kindly rescued Claire’s  pristine sheets from a whirling dust storm as they dried outside.

Brenda poured pulp, and then poured more pulp!  She combined small amounts of each of the other pulps used by us on the day into her sheets.

With the dust storm over and the sun relatively bright and warm the papers, protected under their screens, dried quite quickly and most were able to be peeled away from their backing boards.

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