April get together

This week many of us from the group met at Primrose Park to continue rehousing our materials and equipment in the newly refurbished arts centre and to make plans for our exhibition at the official opening next week.  With this looming over us, and our exhibition committee members on hand, we were delighted with the works received and Lou, Ange and Harriet are outlining where each piece will be displayed at it’s best.

Webmaster Note: Next week I hope to bring you not only pictures of the officials and the event itself but also images of some of our works.

So where are we at with our move back into Primrose Park, and what remains to be done?

All our blenders, mini presses, storage boxes (full of all sorts of necessary bits and pieces), eucalyptus fibre and vats have a home.  The molds and deckles have their own dedicated cupboard with the larger ones being laid flat in drawers and the felts, sponge, towels, rollers and the like have been returned to their open-fronted shelving.

We are thrilled the new bath is in place with all the ‘wet’ supplies stored above and below it.  The two large presses (the white one being brand new, manufactured especially for us) are in place on their own strengthened platform and the drying racks have found a spot near the doors to the surrounding fields.  No more carrying the boards across the entire length of the centre to put our paper outside to dry!

And finally, a huge thanks to the members who put the library back together again.  A resource we couldn’t do without.

The books are back in order, along with all the admin records, catalogues of our exhibitions and so on.

So we’re just about ready to be making paper in our own studio again.

Of course, it’s highly likely that our perfect set-up will get shuffled around a bit once we get into the practicalities of using our equipment.  And there’s bound to be a bit of “Now, where did we put that . .  ?” And even “I can’t find the . . . I wonder if it’s still stored under someone’s bed?”.

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3 Responses to April get together

  1. dbeestontpgcomau says:

    A big thank you to all the members who have been involved in getting our studio organised and nearly ready for use.


  2. Rosemary Christmas says:

    That looks absolutely marvellous. Congratulations. Rosemary Christmas



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