Edible Blooms

By Webmaster:

Three of my favourite things; anything to do with paper (making, colouring, folding, printing, etc.), chocolate and champagne.  So imagine my delight when I received a surprise present containing all three yesterday.

The company responsible for making these lovely arrangements, Edible Blooms, have created a fun concept around floral bouquets that are cleverly put together.

Each flower type has a narrow dowel stem with a plastic ‘holder’ at one end designed to clasp different shaped chocolates.  Some, as you can see, are then wrapped in tissue forming soft shapes enabling the blooms to be crowded together.  In my bouquet the feature star-shaped chocolates are surrounded by printed stiffened thin cardstock.  And, of course, nestled in amongst them is a surprise bottle of champagne.

What a lovely way to give flowers, and ones that don’t need watering and won’t die after a few days.  However, in my case, they probably won’t last longer than fresh flowers as I can’t resist already sampling the blooms!

Here are a few of their other bouquets that I particularly like.

So if you’re looking for a paper related gift to send this Christmas these might be just the thing.


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