Exhibition Review – un:Seen

By Claire Brach

This very varied textile-based exhibition had a wide range of techniques and skills on display, all referencing the theme of Unseen in some way.  The group of around 20 female artists put together a cohesive visual arrangement and there was sufficient diversity for the viewer to become engaged with specific pieces that piqued their interest.

I am showcasing entries that include paper or paper-like materials and pieces by members of Primrose Paper Arts.  That’s not to say the other works were of a lesser quality but this site has a specific interest-group focus.

I apologise to the artists featured that I cannot include their artist statements in full, some were quite long.  I hope to have put enough so viewers can understand the ethos of the pieces.

Brenda Livermore (PPA member)

Common Ground
54 Vessels – Mulberry paper, paper string, paper casting, fringing

Artist statement (in part):
The imprint of memory on the landscape.
A shared experience over time.
Oral storytelling.
Many individual stories forming a whole history.
The essence of lives forever part of the landscape.

Jennifer Florey

Wall piece – Sanitary wrappers, markers, ink, hand and machine stitched

Artist statement (in part):
The full stop at the end of a decade of rebuilding the form of my life.  Using words written in diaries kept between 2006 and 2015, the process of writing excerpts and overwriting with reflections tracks the journey from hurting to healing.

Brenda Livermore (PPA member)

Conversations in Time
7 woven circular columns – Paper string, looping, fringing

Artist statement (in part):
The time spent making these woven columns acknowledges and makes corporeal time spent with friends.  Sitting and stitching, listening to stories, life events, laughing, sharing worries and sorrows, sharing joys and hopes.  Theses individual pieces hang as a symbolic landscape of experience.

Elaine Witton (PPA member)

Musical Palette
Free-form installation – Silk organza, vintage silks, handmade paper, Albnoni oboe concerto in D minor

Artist statement (in part):
Music is unseen and yet influences all of us – creating emotions, prompting moods, calling forth memories.
The ‘pockets’ with their loose forms and flowing threads represent the interplay of melody, harmony and colour – each decorated with marks I formed while responding to Albinoni’s oboe concerto.

Barbara Schey (PPA member)

Once is too often
Wall hanging – Lame, dye, LED, Mura Shibori

Artist statement (in part):
Each year 90 to 100 women die as a result of domestic violence!
People generally do not want to get involved and the problem is ‘unseen’.
We read every day about victims but what are the lessons to be learned?  How many times are women mentally and physically abused by their partners in the name of ‘keeping the family together’ before they finally ‘cave in’?

Elaine Witton (PPA member)

Impromptu Series 1 – 3
3 Wall pieces – Inks, natural walnut ink, paper, hand stitch

(Apologies for the photography.  This exhibit was on a stair-landing under glass and had to be photographed from an angle)

Artist statement (in part):
The calligraphic marks I made came from somewhere in my sub-conscious.  They flowed from the brushes with ease and it wasn’t until I had finished I realised I had created something worthwhile.



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3 Responses to Exhibition Review – un:Seen

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  2. Mary Hedges says:

    Claire, I enjoyed seeing the exhibition, and I would like an opportunity to see it again. May do so in Goulburn next year. But it has been really interesting reading your exhibition review, and seeing your photos.


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