Amy Genser – Stunning rolled paper sculptures

Cafeteria installation, Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children

Connecticut-based Amy Genser uses rolled paper and acrylic paint to create topographic explorations of rocky and oceanic landscapes.

Her sculptures reference natural forms and creatures such as barnacles, the tubular formation of beehives, and the way water travels and flows through Earth’s oceans.  The works are also inspired by macro and micro depictions of nature, like cellular processes or a satellite images of a mountainous terrain.

Aquatic Interstellar Dream, 2018, paper, acrylic, copper on canvas

She plays with paper and paint to explore her obsession with texture, pattern, and colour.  Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, her work is simultaneously irregular and ordered.  She uses paper as pigment and constructs her pieces by layering, cutting, rolling, and combining paper.

Collecting Pebbles, 2017, paper and acrylic on canvas

For some excellent close-ups of her work check out her website.  Just the front page revolving banner has enough to excite, then head over to her portfolio pages where you can follow her progress over the years.



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1 Response to Amy Genser – Stunning rolled paper sculptures

  1. Helen says:

    Amy’s work is wonderful and, of course, is the old fashioned art of quilling made contemporary.


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