Workshop: Decorative Spine Sewn Book ( Woven Spine)

Offered by Primrose Paper Arts

and taught by

Jean Riley
Saturday September 8 2018

Never done a workshop with Jean, or are you eager to try another one?  Perhaps you’ve never sewn a book spine before.  Well, this is your opportunity.  Frankly, whether you are just starting out in book-making or have some experience you will benefit from learning from Jean.

As one of the 5 authors of the book Paper: Handmade Style (in collaboration with Jeanette Bakker, Jill Elias, Helen Hill and Marie Waterhouse) Jean has been working with paper and making a variety of books for many years and is well recognised for her beautifully created works.

In this one-day workshop Jean will be showing participants a particular type of weaving that forms an attractive ‘diamond’ grid-like pattern down the length of the spine, and each person will create a book with a return cover as shown in the lovely example in the photo to the right.

In addition, later during the day, she will guide the class through the steps to make a fitted slip cover in which the book will live (well, let’s face it, after all that hard work you want to look after it, don’t you?).

For further details, cost, venue and to enrol please Click here.

Note: If you think you might be short of supplies don’t worry, Jean will be supplying all the materials to complete the project.  A small materials fee applies.

If you are interested in purchasing Paper: Handmade Style Click here for the link.

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