Workshop review: Powerpoint for artists

By Dinah Beeston

Last week Maria Stagno ran a workshop for us on Powerpoint for the Paper Artist.  Maria’s career was teaching in the TAFE system where she had to learn computer skills to be able to teach them in the textile curriculum.

She took us through a few of the uses for Powerpoint including presentations, design diary, mood boards, and recording workshops. We focused on how we could organise  notes and photos and other information that we keep in note books or on scraps of paper or in folders that we can never find when we need them, or we need to search for in many different places.

We looked at examples of how she had gathered information and photos to prepare for an exhibition.  The starting point was to remember the elements and principles of design that she found important, techniques and fabrics that she could use and then thoughts on what she wanted to make in her project.  This was all supported by images she had gathered for inspiration from her own photos, web photo libraries, and pictures from publications.

We then went through each step to prepare our Powerpoint file including formatting the page, designing the layout of the page and the type to be used.  We inserted photos into our pages and learnt how to organise them for easy use.

I started a project which helped me to collect data that I had in so many places, including the back of envelopes, and put it together in an ordered format.  I could continue to add in ideas and information as it came to me.  It means that I can go to one place to re-look at the pictures that were my inspiration and to see all the ideas that I’ve had over time in the preparation of this project.  I can then print it if it’s needed for presentation to support an exhibition entry.

Another project I need to start on is to document workshops I have attended.  It is so much easier to remember what I was taught if I have the process photos and then I can add the step-by-step instructions around the photos, and add comments to remind me how to do it and document those little hints that you gather along the way.  I’ve got a lot to do !!!

The workshop opened my mind to what can be done and how much easier it will be to keep my ideas in order and the big possibilities for using this organising tool in the future.

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1 Response to Workshop review: Powerpoint for artists

  1. Sue Bradshaw says:

    A fabulous work shop in a wonderful location. Many thanks to Maria and to everyone for a very enjoyable day with lots of great information!


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