Printing on handmade paper

Our member Claire has been printing on some of her handmade paper.  She says:

“Although I enjoy creating paper from a variety of materials including plant fibres, old mountboard, teabags and so on, my favourite is always from offcuts of failed prints.  As an avid printmaker I’m constantly paying out for expensive commercially made paper.  When my prints don’t come out well I hate to waste the paper, so I cut away the white or cream surround and recycle it into new sheets ready to re-use.  I also save the printed sections and recycle those separately, making a variety of coloured papers.”

Here are a few of her latest linocut prints on recycled ‘print surround’ paper.  She has mixed numerous pulps together including BFK Reeves, Stonehenge, Hahnemuhle, Chinese cotton and various lightweight Japanese papers.  Depending on the mix before pulling the sheets the papers are a range of pure white through to creamy ivory.

Click here to view her full series of prints and drawings.

About primrosepaperarts

Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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