Next Tips & Tricks session

July 26: With only an A4 sheet of paper


Due to refurbishment at Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre this session will be held at:

Geddes Room, North Sydney Council, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney
Click here for times, cost and booking info

Just what can you do with an A4 sheet of paper: be it handmade (and what a range of options that opens up), commercial, patterned, painted, dyed, printed, flat, corrugated, crumpled, smooth, textured, with or without inclusions and surface additions,
heavyweight, lightweight or even holey and ethereal?

And those are just the start points.

Susan Hoy – Paper experimentation

This day will be dedicated to experimentation and relies on participants sharing ideas of what can be done and the easiest way of doing them.  So get your brains churning and think of all the ways you have used paper and bring your ideas and samples along.

Perhaps you lean towards book-making and have some great construction methods, or are you a paper manipulator – origami, paper casting, embossing maybe?

How about journaling, creating colourfully designed pages with paints, stamps and pigments?

(Webmaster Note: Many thanks to Nat May for allowing me to photograph some of her wonderful journal pages)

Do you know how to make paper yarn and knit with paper?

That’s a skill worth sharing and there are fabulous examples of this by Ivano Vitali, who knits, crochets and weaves twisted newspaper yarn into artworks.

Ivano Vitali – Knitting newspaper yarn

What about box making?
Do you think you have the best method?  Are you ready to share your technique and show others how to construct their own box?

There are so many types; some are purely folded, some glued, others may be stitched or bound together.  Bring you favourite handmade box along and show everyone how it is done.

Whatever your expertise (and even if you don’t think you have any!) bring yourself, some sheets of paper, glue, scissors, perhaps some colouring materials (crayons, pencils, etc.), sellotape, ruler, cutting mat and blade and whatever else you think you might need for the day.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we are in a temporary venue and do not have access to all our normal equipment.  You should bring plastic or paper to cover work surface and be aware that we may have limited access to a water source for craft purposes.

Click here to email us if you have any questions about either the venue or the event.  If you are not a member of Primrose Paper Arts but would like to attend please contact us with your details first, as we need to manage numbers.



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