New Plant Species

A new species of plant has been found at Primrose Park!!!
By Dinah Beeston

It was discovered by Jill Elias who has named it as Kaffe Kuppus Recyculata Non-plasticata.  I haven’t seen the plant, however the sub-species that I saw had a distinctive white and purple flower.  Other sub-species might have other coloured flowers.

Jill made a number of sheets of paper using recycled coffee cups after removing the plastic included in the cardboard.  She then decorated each sheet with peaks from purple serviettes.

She cut each sheet in half lengthwise and then started to wrap the undecorated half around a thin piece of wood.

After that she used the decorated half and continued to wrap around the paper.

The edges of the paper were rolled back to look like petals and this showed the purple edge of the decorated paper.

The base of the flower had to be squeezed quite hard to hold the petals together.

The result wasa beautiful flower. I understand that this new species will be presented at a future Garden Club meeting.

Webmaster note: Thanks for letting us know about this, Dinah.  What a fabulous flower and I especially like the organic aspect to the outer edges of the petals.

A workshop for the rest of us one day perhaps?

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2 Responses to New Plant Species

  1. carlseapatch says:

    Gorgeous, what a great piece of upcycling, just needs to be given some fragrance to be perfect (essential oils)


    • That’s a great idea about the fragrance. Wouldn’t a vase of these, with a floral fragrance, be lovely? I love that coloured serviettes were used for the petal edging meaning you could easily make an array of colours.


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