And a little more fun with silk products ……

The silk paper workshop had Helen Lo thinking further than making paper with her materials.

So by pulling out, twisting and dyeing a silk hankie she was able to create a variegated green yarn, to be wrapped around wire to form a flower stem.

She soaked a cocoon until it softened enough to be cut and reshaped.  By repeatedly bending the outer ‘petals’ of her calyx she was able to spread the cocoon which, once dry, retained its shape.

The main ‘bowl’ of her flower was dyed, dried and attached to the stem (and wire) with lovely twisted golden stamen.

Taking her silk rods she was able to separate out the layers, dyeing one piece blue to insert into the top of her flower to give a wider opening for the stamen to spring from.

Finally, she dampened other silk rod layers and carefully pulled them out into leaf shapes, dyed, colour set and dried them, before inserting them into her stem as she wound the yarn along the length.

What a great result and a lovely ‘fantasy’ flower!


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1 Response to And a little more fun with silk products ……

  1. Dinah Beeston says:

    What a beautiful flower. Well done Helen.


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