April Social Day

Some industrious people turned up for the social day on Monday as you can see:

Brenda was planning and cutting a set of concertina books.

Sue was making paper from Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) and using her Okra formation aid.  Don’t you just love the couching cloths?  A good use for old cotton tea towels.

Lou & Ang were making paper from Kozo.  They make beautiful lightweight airy sheets.  Looking forward to seeing them finished and dry.

Mandy started on a new piece of Joomchi.  Send us a picture when it’s completed please Mandy, everyone would love to see the finished piece.

Using the Joomchi method, Rhonda worked on a piece of Chinese cotton, teasing it out, folding, rolling and pulling, hoping to achieve a lacy effect.  You can see it’s starting to happen.

Using recycled cotton rag paper Claire made plain white paper.  One side is very textural, due to the pulping method, whilst the other is smooth.
By drying it against a window pane she has one very flat side which should be just right for printing on.

And then, of course, there was the social side to the day – the show-and-tell, the advice giving (and receiving), and a bite of lunch together.

Mandy and Jill gave some tips to Rhonda to help with her paper ‘lace’ making.  Rhonda, let us know how that comes out.


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