By (new PPA member) Sue Bradshaw:

On a recent trip to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast I discovered Heliconias.  They’re such beautiful plants I was compelled to make paper from their leaves.

The paper on the left of the image above is made with Heliconia fibre and formation aid made from Okra.

(Webmaster Note: I photographed Sue’s soaked okra and the formation aid she made.  I also stuck my finger in it – yep, it was super sticky and gooey!)

The middle section is the same paper run through my printer using a photo I took in the garden of a Heliconia (Lobster claw).  The paper on the right has some cartridge paper pulp added.

Heliconias are closely related to bananas – the shape of the leaves is quite lush and dramatic.

Some people grow them just for that. But for most gardeners the flowers are the main attraction, and the variety is dramatic.

*Note:  Sue has kindly supplied us with her method for creating formation aid from Okra, so visit our Paper Bites page to read how to make your own.

If you would like to learn more about Sue and her art click here to visit her member gallery page and see further samples of her work.

Would you like the recipe for making formation aid from Okra?  Click here to read Sue’s method.

Heliconia image: http://www.hortes.ee/shop/helikoonia/


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3 Responses to Heliconias

  1. Great article Sue,
    thank you for sharing it with us, and your great description.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire B says:

    Great paper, so fibrous, and I love the print.


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