Tips & Tricks Day: Joomchi

WHEN:  Thursday 12th April, 10am start
WHERE:  Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre, Matora Lane, Cremorne, NSW
COST:  $10 members, $20 non-members
WHAT:  Joomchi

Joomchi is an ancient traditional Korean paper technique – creating paper from mulberry bark using just water. Up to 20 layers can be fused this way.

At its simplest it could be called a form of paper felting. The technique creates strong, textured surfaces that were at one time used as a substitute for cloth and used for clothing and bags.

It can be layered with colour, split and holed, stitched, painted, embellished or overlaid in a collage. Its uses are only limited by the imagination. Today it is used to make art, sculpture, surface design, collage, bowls, bags, clothing, etc..

Come and join Mandy as she starts the day by demonstrating and talking through the process, before you start your own experimentation.  As you practice and explore the possibilities, Mandy will be on hand to advise and guide you as you form your first sheets.

This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, take inspiration from those around you and have fun creating a range of patterns and layered paper.  So come and have a play and take home some lovely, and unique, papers.


Mulberry paper – Minimum 4 sheets in variety of coordinated colours of:

  • Mulberry silk paper, available from Kadmium Art Supplies, 60 Bay St, Broadway. Each sheet is about 95 x 65 cm and costs about $6 per sheet. One sheet can be cut into 4 which will be the minimum needed to make an A3 joomchi sheet.
  • If you can’t get Mulberry get thin Kozo paper with long fibres showing. Another paper that works is Chinese paper from Leung Wai Kee Buddhist Craft & Joss Stick Shop, 764 George St, only available in off white.
  • Eckersley’s, Parkers and Sydney Art Store don’t have mulberry paper on their websites. Amazing Paper has kozo at $14 a sheet.
  • If you would like to try using handmade paper only bring pieces that have long fibres that can be fused together.

Brush – 2” – 3” wide house painters brush to brush air bubbles out
Plastic container for water or a water spray bottle for wetting paper
Paper cutting scissors
Plastic sheet to cover and protect work surface
Plastic bags to take pieces home in


  • Dark coloured waterproof markers if you feel like trying to incorporate drawing into your paper.
  • Embroidery cotton for inclusions.

NOTE: If you find it hard to get the mulberry paper, Mandy can buy some for you. Pay her on the day, but you must let her know well in advance so she has a chance to source the correct items for you.  Click here to contact Mandy.

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