The Red Project: Helen Sturgess

Helen Sturgess weaves together storytelling, memory and history – exploring psychological terrain through drawing, sculpture and performance.

Artist statement:

“I am a storyteller by nature and delight in the idiosyncrasies of the English language – we can read red and read as sounding the same.  Postcards are a double communication, read on the reverse (and each of these is titled) but we also read the images, to understand their composition, derive meaning and see through another’s eyes.  Since 2003, I have used postcards to record observations, drawing details from works at the V&A museum in London, then mailing them to myself.  Now I am in the seventh year of a postcard project that entails weekly drawings sent to and received by an artist friend in London.  They record our lives in the ebb and flow of that friendship.  The postcards here are of a similar sensibility.  Each is a snippet of a storyline.  Each is a detail of our larger, collective story.”

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