Tips & Tricks Day

Playing with size

1. any of various gelatinous or glutinous preparations made from glue, starch, etc., used for filling the pores of cloth, paper, etc., or as an adhesive ground for gold leaf on books.
verb (used with object), sized, sizing.
2. to coat or treat with size.

We had a day of exploring size; what it is, how to use it and what effect it has on handmade paper.  Starting with a talk and demonstration by Jill Elias we were soon on our way to experimenting with different types of size.

Internal size

We prepared vats of pulp incorporating a different type of size in each, and made new sheets of paper.

External size

We also painted size onto paper we had previously made.

It all went outside to dry under fly screens to stop it blowing away.   Who needs advanced technology when you can successfully recycle and give old screens a new use?

Some of the size options we looked at included: gelatine, powdered starch (with and without metho), wallpaper paste, rabbit skin glue, hercon and konyaku.  Others were discussed.

A very interesting and educational day for all.

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