Mt Kembla Workshop Opportunities

Our member, Liz Jeneid, is running a program of workshops during 2018 at her studio in Mount Kembla.
She writes:

March 17/18
Jigsaw Lino Cuts with Kathryn Orton

This workshop aims to encourage experimentation and a sense of play in printmaking.

It will help you to abstract your images and let you play with different arrangements in the prints so that you end up with a series of related but unique prints.

You will cut the lino blocks into different shapes and sizes, then draw directly onto the lino with ink & brush or thick texta.  This will give you less control of the drawn images and allow for a playful approach to carving that will extend to the printing, where you’ll be able to rearrange placement of the lino blocks.

Kathryn Orton has taught at the University of Wollongong, Wollongong and Goulburn TAFES and has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas.  Her work is represented in public and private collections.

June 16/17
Making the Mark in Relief with Dianne Fogwell

This is a master class in diverse approaches to producing the block for the final relief print.

You will explore the bold, graphic and fine nature of relief printing by looking at experimental and traditional block making processes such as caustic etching, shaped blocks, fine line cutting, transfer processes, burnishing and the found object.  You will also learn how to draw for the block, printing methods including staining, stencilling, dusting and Chine-collé.  There will be practical demonstrations, take home guides and each participant will have the opportunity to make blocks and prints of selected processes in a portfolio for future reference in their own studio practice.
Some printmaking experience would be helpful.

Dianne Fogwell’s practice is centred on printmaking, painting and artist’s books. She has held many solo exhibitions and is an invited artist for exhibitions nationally and internationally.  She has made a major contribution to the Australian arts community through her art practice: teaching, curating and establishing press and print studios. Her work is represented in many public collections.

August 25/26
Books & Covers with Liz Jeneid

Basic structures will be discussed & samples made so that you will have a vocabulary of different kinds of book-making techniques.  Come with an idea of what you would
like to do – a journey, a political issue, a series of words or images.  We will try to match the structure and the cover to the content.

Liz Jeneid has been making books since 1990.  Her books reflect her interest in the natural
world, responses to other cultures during residencies and political issues.  Her latest
books have been about the war in Yemen, the hidden war, which has brought about tragic events – deaths by bombing, starvation and cholera.

October 27/28
Printing from the Land with Gabriella Hegyes

Explore the natural and made environment using alternative printmaking methods
onto fabric and paper. Prints will be created from boiled vegetation.

You will also create wet clay plates embossed with found natural and man-made materials and print from these onto fabric and  paper using acrylic paints, inks and soils.

Gabriella Hegyes was born in Hungary in 1954 and settled in Australia in 1977.
She studied fine arts at Wollongong, the National Art School, University of Western Sydney and Monash University.  She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions around Australia, Japan and Mexico.

November 10/11
Basketry with Natural Fibres – Lissa de Sailles

During this workshop participants will learn how to identify, harvest and prepare natural materials for weaving sculptural and functional baskets.  A number of basketry construction techniques will be taught including twining, looping, braiding, plaiting and random weave.

A lifelong passion for creating with her hands led Lissa to study traditional and contemporary basketry techniques in Australia, Ireland, UK and the USA.

Her work has been exhibited locally and in Dubai, Canada and the USA.

Please note that participants need to have reasonable manual dexterity.


For further details: times, pricing, materials list, booking, etc. please contact Liz at

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