2018 workshops with Victorian Papermakers

The Papermakers of Victoria have sent us some information regarding their workshop program for 2018.  For details and registration go directly to their website here.

24 and 25 March 2018:

Tutor: Sandra Pearce

You will explore the creative technique of monotypes using  plants, stencils and other found materials to create one-of-a-kind and often unexpected images.  This is  a spontaneous and imaginative form of printmaking  without the technical processes of other printmaking techniques.

The workshop will cover ghost printing, composition, and developing complex colour relationships in your prints.

22 April 2018:

Tutor: Barb Adams

Handmade paper can vary greatly.  For a handmade paper project to be a success it is helpful to know which  paper you should make.  This workshop will concentrate on making a variety of pulps which will be made into sample sheets.

You will learn how to make paper suitable for book pages of different shapes and sizes or pages with pockets included when you form the wet pages.  Recipes will be provided for pulp making suitable for cards, strong paper for casting, paper into which other items can be included or paper suitable to print photos or text onto.

You will take home a book you have made, in which you can store your specific paper pulp recipes and samples of your handmade paper.

20 May 2018:

Tutor: Gail Stiffe

In this workshop you will explore ways of colouring  paper with natural dyes and with found pigments.

There will also be discussion regarding the ways in which dyes and pigments differ and how they can be applied to paper and paper pulp.

Materials used for dyeing include avocado skin, loquat leaves, onion skins and gum leaves

16 and 17 June 2018:

Tutor: Liz Powell

Experiment with achieving aquatint and mezzotint effects on dry point etching plates without the chemicals. 

You will be using cardboard and acetate plates in this workshop to push dry point past the usual line work and cross hatching and into the world of tone and chiaroscuro.

There is also an emphasis on using fine and handmade papers with some tricks of the trade to make handling plant fibre papers easier to use in etching.  Short cuts to multiple colour prints will be another area to explore including experiments with collage techniques through the press like chin collé.

Intaglio printing is full of exciting techniques with lots of possibilities that don’t necessarily require much specialist equipment so this workshop is suitable for beginners and the more experienced print-maker alike.



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