Paper models: Lee Ji-hee

Amongst the paper models created by Korean artist Lee Ji-hee is a range of old film cameras, recreating the details of their every mechanism through expertly folded paper.  Although his paper cameras match the original in every aspect of their form, the colours he selects deliberately do not match the black, brown, and grey schemes of the originals.  Instead Lee chooses flashy colours and patterns that give each device an updated aesthetic.

But cameras aren’t his only focus. His 3metre long ‘Convertible for two’ entitled Boxwagen is a masterpiece.  All parts are made from paper and it is strong and large enough for him to sit in.

And the detail is astounding:

How about something more lighthearted?  Fast food perhaps?

Or dogs out shopping?

It makes you look at coloured paper in a whole new way, doesn’t it?


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2 Responses to Paper models: Lee Ji-hee

  1. Oh wow.. those are all super impressive!!!!


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