Awagami Orizome-shi paper-dyeing demo

Those very creative people from the Awagami factory have posted this interesting video earlier this year.  Unfortunately there’s no narration but you should still be able to pick up some tips.

Webmaster note: I just can’t work out what the demonstrator is doing with the hotplate but she’s clearly heating the colours.  Most videos I’ve watched have the colours running together without the precise patterning they are getting here, so something is stopping the free-flow of the colours.  Are they using coloured encaustic waxes, perhaps?

The youtube write-up states:

Recently at Frankfurts “Creativeworld” fair, we demonstrated how to make hand-dyed “Orizome” patterned washi paper.  The sheets were made using our new Orizome-shi paper-dyeing kit. Available online (in Japan) here.

As the kit, and all related products, are described in Japanese I can’t tell exactly how it works.  So anyone out there with more info please feel free to leave a comment if you can enlighten us.


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2 Responses to Awagami Orizome-shi paper-dyeing demo

  1. Helen sturgess says:

    I looked at their site and on the top right their is a translation tab for English. Regarding the method of dyeing it mentions that the paper is sized to prevent colour bleed and coated afterward with an organic product to repell water.


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