Paper casting workshop with Barbara Landes

Follow some simple steps for casting handmade paper in this overview of a 2013 workshop held by Barbara Landes.  This video really demonstrates to the novice how to create a variety of castings using various objects and methods.  An excellent insight into working in more than one dimension with both torn paper and full sheets.  Note: It does not cover the initial paper making.

Webmaster note: I particularly like the cast mannequin arm and hand!

Barbara Landes website showcases a range of her work, with her current focus being described as gestural sculptures of handmade paper made to look like textiles that twist, wrap, bind, drape and enclose.  She writes:

Their folds appear momentary and yielding, but are actually stiff and structural. Varying in size from intimate to overlife, the works are expressive of various human movements and the emotions that give rise to them.

Her site is split into 3 sections: sculptures, books and prints.

Her sculptures include natural fibres, often twigs and branches in conjunction with handmade paper, to form both installations and wall art.

Her books range from the traditional (bound backing and side opening) to something a little more unusual.  She categorises  her Rotating Rings project, seen here, (drawing, prints and some handmade paper) under books.

She also works collaboratively with her husband, Paul Sullivan, and their works are featured on the Landes Sullivan Art website.

Meaningless and Sure: Colourfully Clear, Abaca Salad: handmade abaca and cotton papers, insulation foam and wire.

There are some fabulous paper based installations to be seen on their site and each project has its own dedicated page.  Click on the pictures to enlarge and see the detail of their creations.

Youtube video link as shown


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3 Responses to Paper casting workshop with Barbara Landes

  1. Mandy says:

    Thanks Claire! A new artist to me with inspiring work!


  2. I think she’s fabulous and what a great video.


  3. Lydia Fegan says:

    inspiring! thanks Claire.


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