Exhibition: The Luminous Within

IAPMA, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists is the world leading organisation for paper artists and they are proud to present their exhibition:

The Luminous Within
Platform 72 Gallery, 62 Atchison Street, St Leonards
August 6 – 19
10am – 4pm

Beginning from the idea of a pearl being something small, precious, luminous and rare “The Luminous Within”  is an exhibition of small-scale, self-contained paper artworks set within a sculptural or book-like shell.  Whilst the exterior shell of a pearl may appear rough and coarse, the pearl within is a luminous hidden treasure.

Paper has many “luminous” qualities which the member artists highlight.  Paper transmits light and can be radiant, dazzling, celestial – it can illuminate deeper truths, be a guiding light, or a source of inspiration.  This exhibition surveys a variety of techniques and a multiplicity of forms within the constraint of size.  From the artist book to paper sculptures and vessels, from multi-layered cut paper objects to elements embedded directly into handmade paper, these artists demonstrate how form, content and medium coalesce into a unified expression of inspiration, subtle beauty and radiance.

Learn more about IAPMA here.


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3 Responses to Exhibition: The Luminous Within

  1. Barb Adams says:

    Ahh, there is my book. I wondered where the exhibition was in the world. Thankyou for advertising IAPMA.


    • There are some lovely pieces going on display, Barb. I understand the exhibition is shortly arriving in Sydney from Alice Springs, where we will be hanging it until it moves on to Brisbane. Looking forward to seeing the artworks in the flesh, so to speak.
      Thanks for your latest newsletter re your upcoming workshops and I’ll be adding those to our site shortly. So for everyone reading this, look out for some new learning experiences with Barb Adams.


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