Flowersmith: Jennifer Tran

Jennifer Tran is a Sydney-based artist who makes intricate crepe paper flowers easily mistaken for the real thing.

Each component is individually handcrafted before being painstakingly constructed into a stunning finished bloom.

In August 2015 she launched her blogspot site, PAPETAL,where she showcases some of her fabulous pieces and shares video tutorials on basic techniques.

In mid 2016 she started working on her first book, which was published earlier this year.  Entitled ‘Flowersmith: How to Handcraft and Arrange Enchanting Paper Flowers’ the write-up says (in part):

Through craftsmanship, expert styling and beautiful photography, this book elevates paper flowers to an art form.Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about the art of flower making, from the basic skills you’ll need, through to crafting realistic flower arrangements for every season. With more than 30 flower and foliage projects included, you’ll also find practical step-by-step instructions and photos, and templates you can cut out and use again and again.

The book is widely available on-line through many outlets, and in-shop at Kinokuniya (Australia).



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  1. How beautiful!!!!! Absolutely lovely =)


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