The art of Haruki Nakamura

by Claire Brach

Fun Paper Kirigami and Karakuri Puppets with Unexpected Behaviors

Japanese designer Haruki Nakamura has a knack for creating all kinds of interesting paper objects from puzzles to kirigami toys.

The word ‘kirigami’ describes a form of manipulating paper similar to origami.  However, where origami is the art of folding paper, in kirigami you fold and cut paper.

The word ‘karakuri’ relates to a type of automated paper puppet that has hidden inner mechanisms, enabling it to move or form into another shape with minimal handling.  Nakamura uses this technique to hide surprises within his creations.

A fun sample of his kirigami practice is shown below in Sheep in wolf’s clothing:

I particularly like Biting wolf:

A whole range of his pieces can be seen in the video below including several karakuri creatures.  The video is actually an advertisement for his book, where you can learn to make these for yourself, but he demonstrates how quite a few of them operate.

If you’re interested in this type of art then youtube has a huge range of videos to check out, with some really innovative ideas.

youtube videos as shown


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