MUNE Visit

By Dinah Beeston

MUNE (Macquarie University Nihon Engo) is a group of women who meet regularly to share and learn about Japanese culture.  MUNE, which means heartfelt, is made up of Japanese, Australian and other nationalities.

Last week 19 members of MUNE visited our studio to learn about hand papermaking.

Jill showed them samples of what could be done and answered lots of questions.  Then the ladies dipped their fingers in the vats of coloured pulp.

Each person made and decorated a few sheets and they were beautiful.

Over lunchtime we pressed and dried their paper so that they could take home their completed sheets.

But we didn’t miss out on lunch – the ladies made sure we each had a big plate of very delicious sushi followed by lovely cake and tiramisu.

We were also very lucky that the weather was good, a little cold but dry, and we were able to sit outside together as a group.

It was a very happy day and so interesting to meet this group.  Thank you Jill for all the work you did, and thank you to Helen for all your support.

Here are a few pictures of some of the finished paper:

The MUNE Convenor wrote the following report of the day:

What a happy time we had at Primrose Park on Wednesday ! It was a wonderful day thanks to Jill and her friends Dinah and Helen.  We learnt so much and came home with our own hand-made paper!  The weather was kind and we were able to sit outside in the sun overlooking the bay and the bushland above us. We had platters of delicious sushi to feast on followed by dessert.

Thank you again, Jill, for taking so much time to organise everything to make the day a perfect one.


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