The (nearly) fought over monoprint

The internal musings of a Primrose Paper Arts member

By Claire Brach

It seems longer, but was in fact only 2 weeks ago that all members exhibiting in our Shadow and Light exhibition got together to deliver their artworks and check their artist statements.

Monday 29th May – Primrose Park, Cremorne –

I checked in my pieces and caught up with some members I hadn’t seen for a while.  A space was reserved for delivering prints and handmade paper to be sold as unframed works in our sales area.  Our member, Brenda, was doing a fine job of ensuring pieces were displayed well, priced properly and marked with the artist name.

I wandered over to have a look and chatted as my hands flipped through the cellophane packages.  My fingers stilled and I pulled out a particularly lovely monoprint ……

Claire to Self: Oh, this is nice.  They’re all lovely but this one, well, it just jumps right out at me.  Got to buy this.  Seems a bit cheeky to ask if I can get it now.  I mean, it hasn’t even got to the venue yet.  The exhibition is only open for two days before I go in for the official opening so, if it’s still there, I can buy it on Saturday.

Saturday 3rd June – 1.30pm, The Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney –

Claire to Self: The speeches aren’t until 2pm and it’s already so crowded.  Wonder if the print is still there.  Fingers crossed.

What a brilliant afternoon, over 500 people visited the exhibition that day and many were from other art and creative groups.  We drank champagne (or as good as!), nibbled on a vast array of finger food, admired and bought exhibited artworks and exclusive sales items.  4pm came, time to clear up and close up.

Claire to Self, walking to the train station: Oh no, I got so carried away with the camera, the artworks and talking to everyone that I forgot to buy the print.  OK, don’t worry, I’m back on Monday manning the exhibition.  If it’s still there then it was definitely meant for me.

Monday 5th June – The Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney –

We counted the float, read the instructions, checked the artworks and restocked the cards for sale.  Peter, Janet and I were busy, busy, busy but Brenda’s print was on my mind.  I moved to the print stand and flicked through.  Yes!  There it was.  I picked it up.

At that moment (during a slight lull) an old acquaintance of mine, AM, arrived – she also knew Peter.  We updated each other on our lives, talked about the exhibition and so on.  I felt awkward standing holding my prized find, especially as more and more people arrived  to be greeted and given information.

Claire to Self: If I put the print at the very back of the stand no-one is likely to pick it and I can come back in a few minutes when the rush is over.

I turned to speak with some other visitors.  A couple of minutes later Peter called me to help record AM’s purchases as she was buying some cards and handmade papers.  The items needed packing.

Claire to Self: What’s my print doing on the table?  Did I inadvertently put it down instead of in the rack?  Didn’t I deliberately hide it?

And yes, you’ve guessed it.  In those couple of minutes, whilst I was turned away welcoming some other people AM ‘found’ the print and instantly bought it.  What can I say: great taste, eh?  I was gutted!

So the moral of the story is:

If you ever see an original work that you love, and especially if you have it in your hand, never put it down again until you’re at the till and paying for it!

Sunday 11th June – 2.30pm, at home –

Claire’s final note: Well my luck didn’t entirely run out.  When back working there yesterday I took a couple of minutes to search right through the racks and came up with an equally lovely print from the same set.

but it would have been nice to have 2 ………

Selected prints created by Brenda Livermore.  Photos by the artist & Claire Brach

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4 Responses to The (nearly) fought over monoprint

  1. Flattered and somewhat embarrassed by such lovely words Claire. Thank you


  2. Dinah Beeston says:

    Great story Claire. There are so many lovely prints there and there has been a lot of interest in them.


    • The exhibits and the sales items are such high quality, original and appealing that the visitors are loving them.
      Yesterday the handmade paper sets were incredibly popular and one lady, who was in a rush, is coming back tomorrow to have another look and buy some more.


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